Mahmoud Said Kawash
2022 / 8 / 31

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

You look like the spring announcing its sudden arrival
As if the thirsty desert extending inside me was born again
Sprouting new leaves, Iíve always been waiting for them
As if the stars of dream are glittering in the sky
As a part of the dawn of hope and optimism
As the butterflies filling me with joy that blooms in all seasons
Smiling and dancing between your palms as if your wounds are healed
Inhabited by your warmth and irrigated by the spray of the soul
Washed and cleansed from all sins and iniquities
Incarnated as a dove of light having calm insomnia dreams
The convoys of its parts have sailed to you
Embroidered her sky with all the stars, singing:
Iím here, falling a between your palms
Thanks to God and may my soul depart in peace.

Mahmoud Said Kawash
[email protected]

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