Mahmoud Said Kawash
2022 / 8 / 27

“I will paint you a letter in the colour of the sky”
Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

When your absence complies with me in the presence of longing
The words reincarnate your perfume
The threads of the pens head towards you
Forming letters leaning on the shadow of love, like a charming spring
I’ve always looked for you behind the desert of the consonants
To live in an oasis of leaves I narrate with ink bearing the flavour of my blood
My longing for you is a “letter” that pours my river of flowers
My longing for you draws the first smile that sees the sunrise of life
As if you are the first word inhabiting the dictionary of love
The moment when my eyes fall a
The vision reflected on the “lips” of my pen
So the ink dispenser utters meanings that carry your flavour
It is most likely that the soul used to live in you until I found you and touched you
Yes, I will break the silence of the lines, as long as I am with you
Practising the ritual of scattering ink on papers
Pouring the pulse of the poetical moments inside you
No matter how far the pen goes, I will stay with it
Sharing my promise and covenant
Strange I am to you´-or-a close girlfriend
I will stay with it pouring out my soul and mind
I will paint you a letter in the colour of the sky
With in-script-ions staining those silent papers
Waiting for me to merge and melt silently within
O man, whom I failed to keep in my heart and immortalised in my poems
My message to you is “drowning between a dream and a sea of papers”!!

Mahmoud Said Kawash
[email protected]

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