The organic link between liberal democracy in all its greatness and a savage, greedy, evil, decadent and immoral economic fascism, namely savage capitalism, is the cause of the crisis of democracy and the return of dictatorships, religious fascists and populism

Khaladoon Philipus Nseir
2022 / 8 / 24

All reverence and respect to you and your channel, with which you combine the glory of all its scientific limbs accuracy clarity creativity smoothness, beauty, importance, craftsmanship, humanity, honesty and integrity.......
We raise our hat aloft to you on this episode, which is placed on the top par excellence, as it has put the finger on the essence of the global crisis
Democracies because the essential element that liberal democracy gave birth to, which in my opinion is the greatest of all the achievements of democracy, is a moral, conscious, free and strong civil society, its most important components are citizens, scientific, cultural and intellectual elites and.....................
These societies, which have given birth to the development of civilization in the modern era, are enslaved and tamed by their will´-or-in spite of it by intimidation and propaganda and by putting pressure on their citizens either by force of repression´-or-by suffocating them by starvation and impoverishment, either by intimidating them in their security´-or-in their livelihood by the control of monopolies and the authorities issuing cash on the movement of resources and cash in many ways .......

The behavior of most of the intellectuals of democracy (unlike a smaller percentage of them ) is still very negative and has a degree of submission, although they have the power of change through their strong civil societies, unlike us, the miserable people crushed under a huge amount of shoes, the whole of which is underdevelopment and its slogans are diverse
The greatest of them in our region and the greatest dangers of human social destruction (Islamic thought and its intellectual derivatives) are tyranny, corruption, ignorance, injustice, racism and fascism ...............ò
Other problems come such as tribalism, tribalism and military outbreaks.............
Yes, they act with a degree of submission to the forces of money and politics, who are mafias that marry money and power in democracies and autocracies (taking into account the great disparity between the degrees of their evils)
They confined the interests of the society in which they defend human values and its problems practically only to the heart of their societies, and were content with modest steps towards other human societies.
We need them to lead us in a new vision of the world and change it for the better, and they are able in this era with strength because of the possibilities it offers that were not previously available in history .

Despite the fact that liberal democracy in their countries is the dream and intention of everyone and the Paradise That Everyone seeks, why is this happening!
In my humble opinion, as an ordinary follower for a long time, it is a flaw that the liberal democratic system has not got rid of ¡
Although I have already got rid of many flaws that have been proven to contradict the essence of its lofty moral truth, such as racism, colonial occupation, etc.........
When democracy is convinced that this contradicts the essence of its morality, which is the good of Man, society and the universe, it was eradicating it and replacing it with a higher, better and more prestigious component.
A very serious and very big flaw touches the essence of democracy and has been stuck to it since its inception
It was initially a solution and a successful alternative to the evil and domineering defect of monarchical societies
But with the development of this alternative, it began to turn into a different kind of evil, which is the root of the problem of the sudden decline of democracy, although it happened because of this evil before and it was saved from collapse

This serious flaw, which is still attached to democracy, is the organic link between liberal democracy in all its greatness and a savage, greedy, evil, decadent and immoral economic fascism, the savage capitalism that von Hayek and his disciples called economic liberalism!
There was a voice of honest conscience and moral professionalism of the genius of Economics and the outstanding athlete John Keynes, who warned the delegations of the negotiators of the victors of the first World War about the terms of the Versailles agreement and his assumption that this harmful and destructive agreement sows the seeds of a second World War fiercer and harsher and said his great phrase (the economy is the sea on which all countries and people share, if there is a mal-function-´-or-damage on one of these shores will inevitably reach you) and their response was contemptuous and arrogant and the world reaped disaster .

First in the crisis of the Great Depression, Keynes intervened in his economic system to break the rule of this economic fascism, which prevents government intervention in the economy and managed to save the world economy, but he could not convince them in the Versailles agreement, the second disaster occurred in the Second World War
Even the Cold War, if they had listened to him in breitenwoods, the Cold War would not have happened, they listened to him regarding the Marshall Plan, then in reviving the economies of the Asian Tigers after the defeat of the Vietnam War, in ensuring the welfare and safety of Western societies only, and the rest would go to hell, they are backward societies, why help them, they will be ruled by military fascists thieves, and their resources will be poured into us .
This imbalance in taxes, collection and evasion will inevitably fall due to the armies of lobbies in the joints of legislation and political power and neoliberal monopoly theorists who legitimize their monopolies morally by manipulating concepts and twisting the necks of facts and managing it with public relations and media companies
And here is the owner of a blockchain company and its attempt in Nevada shows the state of the most extreme forms of neoliberalism

But the biggest calamity, and with the beginning of the emergence of fatigue and stagger on the communist system due to the damage of the long blockade and the inactivity of the system of repression and corruption formed within it, dominated, paralyzed and ruined, the mafias of money and power within democracies covet why we share our societies what we dominate and plunder, and why I help my opponent to democratic transformations, so I exploit his stagger and pressure him, destroy his economy, dismantle it, sabotage it, throw Islamic terrorism on him, and this vision was encouraged by Friedman and the Chicago School(savage capitalism again in the name of neoliberalism this time) they pushed Thatcher and Reagan as political fronts and carried out, and now we are back and reaping the rise of quasi-fascists as it escalated after the first World War Democratic societies are threatened from both inside and outside, the rise of the tone of power diplomacy again, the return of prosperity to tyranny and the exploitation of these problems with malice and ingenuity, unfortunately, convinced many of those who were wasted, hungry, impoverished and humiliated by this intrusive economic fascism strongly attached to democracy, which Kenz tried to mitigate its role if he could not remove it .

Here I ask you about your role, the minds of the elites of democratic civil societies, as John Keynes tried to the best of his ability, What are your initiatives and movements from the heart of societies and the world
We want you as a driving force for civil societies and not Advisory minds for the forces of money and politicians puppets whose agents have connected them by exploiting gaps and harnessing money, publicity and public relations

And I want to comment on the respected parliamentarian who described the Giants of Information Technology in good faith despite the harm of their policies, and I fully support him, but with a simple amendment in my humble opinion, we should appreciate their creativity is true, but we should not accept them to prevent others from creativity, steal their creativity´-or-deprive them of the value of their
You should not deprive anyone of the opportunity to work and get the value of their work, what they do is not competition, but blackmail by exploiting locations and conditions .
In any case, thanks to the information revolution, which they strongly participated in launching and harnessed for their profits, they themselves bear the solution, in my humble belief

Here I have what I imagine as an ordinary man, a kind of center-left, and I don t know his correctness and accuracy, so I put it in front of you, gentlemen, and bear with me

An urgent request that everyone needs Faisal must clarify (value) what value is the goods produced in the wealth of nations by Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, not gold, not silver, not bank notes, not securities, not ...... The mind of the great capitalist economist Ricardo, after studying value and taking the abstracts of value studies of other scientists on natural value and implicit value........ It was a resounding economic discovery, such as Rutherford s discovery of the structure of the atom in physics, then Marx came after a mighty mathematical, philosophical, dialectical, historical, experimental, statistical and human inductive study that was, in my opinion, a mental mathematical modeling, his shocking discovery was the excess value´-or-surplus value taken by the owners of the means of production and the owners of service institutions .... Enterprises and owners in general are a product of such value that it is generated from his labor by workers, scientists, farmers, doctors, engineers....... Any object that creates value from itself and is harvested by another and provides a little of it to him in the form of remuneration, percentage, income, or........

Why as humanists and societies we have to remain prisoners of these securities are all dollars-euros-yuan-rubles......... Digital currencies such as bitcoin and Luna.........The manipulation of institutions, governments, financial forces, fund speculators and monopoly forces ..... As for China, which, as usual in tradition, wants to repeat the same scenario of imperialist colonization of the world in the same way as America, I guarantee my currency with the gold that I have, and when the stock of gold decreases, I -print- it without a guarantee, spiral after spiral after spiral, and all of them suck and plunder the fatigue and sweat of here I recall the monologue of Ismail Yassin, people get tired and do not earn, and people earn and do not get tired, what is the real value of gold originally, Why is the value so used to A person should look at it because it is an inert metal and he needs something to store value in it and facilitate the exchange process, which barter cannot always achieve, nor the damaged intermediate commodity such as barley adopted by the Sumerians as an intermediate commodity in decay and consumption .

The cognitive shock that the Russian professor of Economics Valentin Katasonov shocked me about the financial system and its creation, the concept of Federal Reserves and the coverage of money, and how it was designed in an infernal way that thwarts any attempt to free labor from exploitation, sometimes playing on the link with gold from Bretton Woods moving to Jamaica, a barrel of oil, money guaranteed by government debt, the Federal Reserve is an independent private institution that issues cashFrom the British Old Lady s bank to the US Federal Reserve, I made sure that the rules of the financial game, issuing cash and deliberately creating unemployment as a means of extortion of Labor and manipulating them in real terms by controlling the issuance of cash and managing its circulation with the rest When bitcoin was vaguely introduced, followed by Facebook s attempts to introduce electronic work and the emergence of blockchain technology and mining algorithms to create currency and the intervention of artificial intelligence techniques such as neural networks, I wondered why instead of these virtual currencies and financial acceptance, all of which are an implicit agreement between people to facilitate the exchange, which in itself is worthless, as Noah mentioned Harare and the hotel owner s -$- 100 Experience in which people exchanged goods and returned to the hotel owner He returned it to his client, who gave it to him after he retracted the hotel reservation as the biggest clue .

That is, all this swift and balances are just a hypothetical thing that they convinced people and their communities as a way to control the resources that are formed from the value in general and the value of the work specifically, and in practice it is all the value and the rest of the value components are neglected, so it occurred to me why there is no mechanism with equations, algorithms´-or-mathematical models that measure the value of the work, and the value of the work is defined and measured in clear fixed physical units, defined as the international units in the ISO global system of standard units such as meters for length, grams for mass, volts for voltage, and placed with processing programs on an electronic platform´-or-a website that calculates and you put them to be the means of circulation instead of these scam notes, which they call coins Securities and even precious metals and jewelry, what is their -dir-ect benefit! Nothing is worth a contractual agreement between people, only the agreement in which they tied the necks of others by binding them to their currencies and liquidating the resources produced by others with their hard work and work, especially that the blockchain technology on which bitcoin was built can be used here enables you to communicate and deal -dir-ectly between callers and without the need for are you up for a similar attempt?)

That s with a scientific crowd of economists, mathematicians and..... To calculate the value of work with equations and algorithms that put it at a value measured in a clear and constant physical unit such as meters, grams and Volts instead of securities, precious metals, real estate, jewelry and.......... And to be placed in public electronic platforms open to all, from here civil societies and free countries can fight and get rid of exploitation and the control and absorption of global money ghouls for their blood.
Sorry of you I m afraid to understand from me that I want digital currencies quite the opposite digital currencies are swindled and stolen more than real currencies.

I am a programmer of databases, mathematical processors and ideas such as blockchain algorithms, which are algorithms for holding self-marking structures that are very sophisticated and powerful, but the concept of creating bitcoin, for example, is the first to detect and verify the validity of transactions in which it is rewarded with bitcoin! What does this mean in essence Nothing is creating a meaningless fake value and despite the arbitrage you have offered, you have also created an illusion and not a real value.

I support the concept of a derivative of digital currencies and more precisely uses the technology of digital currencies, not the concept of creating, issuing and trading digital currency, not digital currencies, what I am looking for is not digital currencies, but scientifically defined units of measurement in the ISO system of international units
That s with a scientific crowd of economists, mathematicians and..... To calculate the value of work with equations and algorithms that put it at a value measured in a clear and constant physical unit such as meters, grams and Volts instead of securities, precious metals, real estate, jewelry and.......... Digital currencies should also be placed in public electronic platforms open to all by taking advantage of blockchain technology, but by replacing Bitcoin mining algorithms with value calculation algorithms .

That is, we need to get rid of the concept of currency and replace it with the concept of how much value has been achieved by this individual, group´-or-... And this commodity is how much labor value it needed until we got it and it is exchanged on this basis, its value can remain constant´-or-wear out over time´-or-be consumed ................ For example, the definition of silk as a unit of energy is clear (the amount of energy that raises the temperature of a gram of pure water by one degree Celsius), so we need to put one for the value and be called, for example, WorkCoin by a similar definition from the teams of scientists (it is the amount of work done that measures such time consumed, such a degree of creativity, such a degree of usefulness, and the amount of its impact such ..................................)

There is a simplified and wonderful example found in applications, including an application that is used on the mobile that gives a better value than all this quackery, a simple application called Swift coin calculates the distance and energy that a person exerted while walking and -convert-s it to coins, which is used in the West, and I was even surprised that the coins are exchanged for dollars
It s a very simple example, but very deep in content, that s what we need, but instead of just walking, why don t I figure out what s the value of effort and creativity and usefulness...... A service´-or-a job, even if it is planting a field, making a screw, treating a patient, building a wall,´-or-........ Until we get to the most complex value-making processes and return the value, not the currency, and -convert- it to a coin, we call it, for example, workCoin´-or-ValueCoin ..... They are the ones that become currencies and their exchanges are clear, there is no income for Acrobats of supply and demand manipulations, they are like other units, the meter means a meter, not today a meter, a virgin meter and a half, and then 3.3 meters, and after that it collapses and becomes 4 centimeters¿¿!!!

There are even examples and applications in digital games on the computer and mobile that use wonderful systems to calculate the value of effort, work and performance and are automatically reflected on the game data .

I believe that this will be the greatest reform and achievement of the minds of the elites of civil societies for the good of mankind will be immortalized in history forever .

So why not push all human societies and movements of human civil society, we may be able to push countries, especially to support and work on such a huge initiative, and drag other countries and movements
As a country that is far from conflict and has a huge cognitive quantum energy, especially mathematics and informatics (India), we have Brazil and South Africa´-or-strong civil societies such as Germany, France, Japan and South Korea ..............And human forces from all societies whose labor is under poverty, exploitation, looting and abuse, including our societies .

Rather, why not take advantage of what Hegel called the cunning of history.

If we push Russia to build such platforms available to Russian citizens and citizens from all over the world, but especially with China and India, but even with Japan and South Korea, and the countries of the world in general reach people who are strangled by monopolies, including Gangs of money masters systems, and all those bullying elites who formulate theories on mice and want to apply them to humans and want to silence those who speak´-or-rebel, these calculated units will thus serve as a currency for the exchange of goods and services, especially with China, and only this will open up to the human communities with which they deal, Chinese goods and services, the world s factory and the source of the majority the vast majority of goods and services in the world will even shatter the concept of The economic GDP that these powers have formulated to position themselves above the world and China with the labor costs of their population and the fear of being swept up with India, Brazil, Russia and.......It is a source of great economic security for any individual in the world who does not meet´-or-compete with anything, as long as he works and turns his work into entities that he can get goods and services and.......On the other hand, China can apply it with Taiwan and Russia, just as Russia can apply it with all countries of the world and citizens of Western societies, Britain, America, France, Italy, Germany and Spain ........... In particular, this will remove the impact of the balances that they have frozen for Russia abroad, from which they are considering deducting compensation and compensation......Then the Societies of the Western countries will take the initiative and therefore their governments will not take the same thing, we may have buried these global gangs forever, and humanity and humanity will manage its life, development and future without the gangs of bullies, monopolists, merchants of religion and fundamentalisms with their dark institutions financed by these securities, regardless of sources.

Rather, encouraging the elites of American society to build this system, led by its great scientific centers such as the Massachusetts Institute, to get rid of the dominance of the Federal Reserve and the debts with which they burdened taxpayers and extorted elites, the middle and working classes, while this gang with the wealthy 1% evaded taxes and hid their wealth in tax havens and fake´-or-real charities with Unreal spending amounts .
The result is a country burdened with debts that exceed its economy 3 times!

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