The development of human resources in the Arab world

Prof. Dr Moustafa El-abdallah Al Kafry
2022 / 7 / 28

The development of human resources in the Arab world
Prof. Dr Moustafa El-Abdallah Al Kafry
The development of human resources in the Arab world must be the development of coherent and integrated aspects of the basic policies of population the structural characteristics of the workforce, and the policies of education, preparation and training, and use policies, this should be done within a framework of economic and social plans and overall objectives through investment and productivity, in developing a strategy for human resource development should include:
To achieve a qualitative evolution of the workforce and raise their competencies and skills (human resources development and to raise their effectiveness) in the various sectors of economic activity, consistent with the requirements of achieving comprehensive development, this requires raising the potential for rehabilitation, training and expanded its base to include different types of occupations and levels of skill and competence.
Rehabilitation of the workforce use of technical progress and scientific revolution in the overall development process and make it at the level that it can contribute to the development and adaptation of technology and innovation.
To achieve a balance in the labour force. Achieving a balance between labour supply and demand in order to make optimum use of the workforce.
The fight against illiteracy and the spread of a culture of labour with a view to upgrading and development of human resources.
The development of such a strategy requires the provision of data and information, and identify future -dir-ections for the overall development, and the development of scientific and practical formula for the transition of the workforce, and to develop solutions to reduce the brain drain away from the Arab world, There should be an emphasis on the role of joint Arab action in the area of human resources development, especially that the League of Arab States and institutions of the Arab Conference had recommended, The document was approved by the National Economic and strategic joint economic action in 2000, especially in the goals and the programmes, The need to pay attention to human resource and manpower development, and given considerable attention.
The issue of human resources and capital impact on the overall development of a challenge to be considered outstanding and fundamental variable in the overall planning for the future development and this requires a number of conditions including:
To adopt a policy for the development of human resources, clear objectives are consistent with the policy of the State, and integrated with the development plan. Considering the characteristics of the community as a springboard for the objectives of human resources development as one of the basic components of the overall development process in order to improve the quality of life of citizens and meet the needs of current and future populations.
The coordination and complementarity between population policies and policies of employment and labour, education policy and strategy development, with the involvement of various ministries and government institutions and associations concerned with the development of human resources and national programmes.
The existence of an institutional system to supervise the human resource development programmes in the State and follow up their implementation and evaluation, it does coordination between all relevant development programmes aimed at raising the standard of performance and avoid redundancies and contradictions between them.
To develop a system of education, rehabilitation and training, providing the institutional framework to ensure the continuation and expansion of the application of a programme of national interconnected with other development programmes of the State.
Increase financial allocations in public budgets to finance programmes for the development of national human resources.
It must be pointed out the role of human resource development in developing features consistent with the overall development of the social and economic needs of the population being a framework for awareness issues primarily associated with the process of progress.
There should be an emphasis on coordination and integration between population policies and policies for manpower and employment policies and education policies and strategy development, in order to play its role in human resource development, comprehensive development, This integration is only one aspect of the plan for the development of human resources must be comprehensive, It must be mutually reinforcing components moving at a pace consistent parallel, That is the task of overall planning and development of the objectives behind social and economic long-term and medium-term.
Continue the process of building a human (human resource development and raising the effectiveness of) a very tedious process requiring many efforts, It cannot be the maximum utilization of human energies in the Arab world only through the building of human through education and the development of institutions and this includes the fight against illiteracy and the elimination of developing queen exchange, expression and creativity, In addition, the building needed to raise the level of human health and ensuring the prevention and treatment of diseases, providing full food. Overall secure any necessary humanitarian needs that preserve human dignity.
Prof. Dr Moustafa El-Abdallah Al Kafry
Damascus University-Faculty of Economics

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