Communication between peoples through translation

Prof. Dr Moustafa El-abdallah Al Kafry
2022 / 7 / 24

Communication between peoples through translation
Prof. Dr. Moustafa El-Abdallah Al Kafry
Translation is a cultural act of civilized linguistics and the link between civilizations, the translator, the messengers of enlightenment and the horses of enlightenment mail, from time to time, translation has not lost its importance, necessity´-or-effectiveness, it is the vessel through which knowledge is transmitted from one country to another and from one language to another. Translation, therefore, is an intellectual window and a civilized entry point that ensures that our national identity is more connected to the other in all areas of its creativity. "Translators are horses of enlightenment," says Pushkin, Russia s great poet.
Translation has been one of the most important means of intellectual and cognitive transition between the various peoples of the world throughout the ages. In it. The Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (Alexo) has sought to obtain documented scientific data on the translation movement in the Arab world. In 1978, the organization adopted a Syrian proposal for an Arab program to translate the most prominent foreign books in various modern knowledge and sciences. In 1979, the organization approved a Libyan draft proposal for the need to pay attention to translation in the Arab world.
(Translation is an act of betrayal in the first place and remembers secondly and enlightenment third. It is an act of betrayal, because the translated text is slightly more ´-or-slightly lower than the original text. It is a little bit of an act of remembrance, because the translator does this with at least a good text and revives it elsewhere and another language and in a different social environment.
Translation acquires an important place in the transition of science, thought and literature from one society to another for the following reasons:
1. Translation is a cultural instigator that does the act of catalytic yeast in chemical reactions , providing the right ground on which the creator, researcher and the world can stand and then set out into new worlds, innovate, innovate and invent.
2. Translation bridges the gap between the higher civilization and the lower civilizations.
3. Translation is the primary means of introducing, transferring and localizing science and technology.
4. Translation is an essential element in the process of education and scientific research.
5. Translation is a tool through which we can keep up with the cultural and intellectual movement in the world.
6. Translation is a way to sing, develop and modernize the language.
The Arabs realized from an early age the importance of translation and transportation in relations between peoples and expanded in all its fields of thought, history, philosophy, theater, novel, religious, scientific, economic and other books.
However,according to data from a UN report , Israel translates about 15,000 books a year into an already dead language, Hebrew, while the number of books translated into Arabic by Arab countries together does not exceed 330 books per year. Arabic translation from other languages into Arabic is very small compared to what is translated into Hebrew´-or-what is translated into Spanish´-or-other languages of the world.
The data indicate that all the paper used by Arabs annually is hardly equal to that used by a single French´-or-Russian publishing house. The West is also expanding translation in all fields, while Arabs often focus on literature, neglect of philosophy and science with its broad horizons, as well as the chaos in Arabic translation projects. . Translation is part of a huge cultural and cultural system.
It is no secret that language-to-language translation means creating a kind of conflict between them, which would make a significant contribution to bringing peoples and nations closer together. This in turn leads to the communication and isolation of societies, which is of great benefit to all human beings, Geniuses, which are very rare, cease to be the private property of a people, and even become the common property of all mankind when they see the light.
The translation produces for us the references and books we need in various sciences, and provides university professors with weaknesses in international foreign languages with the required research references. It is also necessary to-limit- the books translated by university graduates to international universities and research centers,universities and Arabic research centers from Arabic to other languages´-or-from other languages to Arabic. A plan must also be drawn up to raise the level of teaching in Arabic, especially in the early stages of education. Study, study and curriculum.
Translation is one of the most important tools of communication between peoples and civilizations, and in a globalized world in which the rhythm of events accelerates, Arab states find themselves required to engage with other peoples through translation and other means, as this role becomes part of the importance of national governments and peoples.
Prof. Dr. Moustafa El-Abdallah Al Kafry
Faculty of Economics - Damascus University

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