Tehran tripartite summit between Trying to make bargains to solve problems and the difficulty of reconciling opponents

Kawa Nader Qader
2022 / 7 / 21

Tehran tripartite summit
Trying to make bargains to solve problems and the difficulty of reconciling opponents
Kawa Nader Qader
On July 19, a trilateral summit was conducted at Tehran s Saedabad Palace between the leaders of Russia, Iran, and Turkey (Vladimir Putin, Ebrahim Raisi, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan).
It is regarded as the seventh summit in Sochi. When this peak occurs:
_President of the United States Joe Biden recently returned from a trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia during which he warned Iran of military action if it did not back the settlement of the nuclear dispute with the United States. Biden tried to open the airspace of Arab nations to Israeli warplanes to strengthen Israeli hegemony in the region.
_While Turkey is fully preparing to attack the areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces ("SDF") west of the Euphrates (Manbij and Tal Rifat), it looking for the green light and even the yellow light from Russia and Iran.
_ The war between Ukraine and Russia has reached a decisive stage, and Joe Biden spoke during his visit to the East about the gaps that he wants to fill instead of China and Russia.
Promote an inclusive internal Syrian political dialogue, to create conditions in which the Syrians themselves can decide the fate of their country without outside interference.”
_ Putin spoke frankly to the Turkish and Iranian presidents about “creating conditions for the Syrians to decide the fate of their country without outside interference". Erdogan tried to give Russia the green light, which he did not succeed in doing.
_Iran needs a good partnership to ease economic sanctions and uses Turkey as an economic gateway with other European countries, and Turkey needs Iranian markets, exploitation, gas, and energy.
In any case, the regional and global equations that exist in the Middle East are complex and are now at a delicate stage. At a summit like this one, it is doubtful that the old differences and tensions will be settled. At a time when Erdogan was demanding that he allow a Turkish military attack on Rojava, Putin urged everyone to resolve their issues amicably and through discussion. "There is a good chance that the Turkish offensive will be delayed´-or-abandoned". Anything else would be suicidal if Turkey chose to do so.
_ In many places in western Kurdistan, Russia left space for the Iranians and the Iranians filled it.
_Although Russia is on the front lines, delivering strategic weapons west of the Euphrates, and controlling the M4 road that Turkey wants to control, it has not officially opposed Turkey s anticipated offensive. On the battle lines between the "Syrian Democratic Forces" SDF and the militias supported by Turkey.
_ However, it can be inferred from the visit of the Syrian Foreign Minister," Faisal Miqdad", during the tripartite summit. It smells like Turkish-Syrian bargaining mediated by Russia and Iran.
_The tripartite summit is being held in the spirit of Sochi, and it has always discussed the interests of these countries against the Kurds.
However, it is estimated that there will be fewer concessions this time around and that the futility and desperation of the agreement will culminate.
July 20. 2022

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