Mahmoud Said Kawash
2022 / 6 / 17

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

In his letters, he used to ask me about my life
He used to repeat the question, under the pretext of reassurance about me
I often listened to what he used to say
Thinking that I was the best listener
And I was that fair lady, living behind the improbable date.
You, who knocked on the doors of my dreams
Did you ever know that I was walking in the middle of the crowd?
Did you ever know that I hardly knew myself?
Did you ever know that many things were hesitating in my mind?
Things I didnít need to mention, but I had always been waiting for.
What did you expect me to tell you, when you came back?
Did you expect to tell you that I used to go to my bed, deluding myself that I wanted to ?
To tell you that it was often an escape from reality?
Or to tell you that when I was ing, I would wake up on a date with longing?
But I was sure it was not my usual day.
That time, I used to smile secretly, hiding something from yesterday in my pocket
I used to forget that the most beautiful thing about words of love was to remind the eastern man of his masculinity
But, I never forgot that life without that belief was like mastering the art of love, in a time of absurdity
That time, I used to see people coming and going, without bothering to look for them
So, my little heart kept waiting for the lover to come, in the middle of a fantasy garden full of people having nicknames.

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