Broken windows theory

Mohamed Ibrahim Bassyouni
2022 / 6 / 14

In the eighties, New York City lived in an era of high crime rates and chaos until it adopted the theory of James Wilson and George Kling called “Broken Windows.” Despite the simplicity of the idea of this theory, it not only saved New York from the quagmire of crime, but also changed the concept of civil administration in America as a whole. The theory is simple, it says that major things do not happen except by the occurrence of minor things, so do not leave a broken window, so people think that no one cares instead of thinking that you care about the major sins. The experts advised NYPD officials to place importance on minor crimes and quickly fix their effects because this creates a disciplined environment and people will adjust to discipline, do not leave a broken window, fix any broken lights, wipe off any graffiti immediately, clean public transportation on a daily basis. This became the new approach of the New York government, and the result was a parachute in the rates of major crimes in New York that exceeded their counterparts in other cities, which made the approach prevail in the rest of the administrations in the country. Our ability to throw garbage in a clean place is less than if we were in a filthy place, although it is not justified, but this is the truth for the average person. This is the content of this theory. When we see a clean place and all its accessories are intact, we feel the authority and discipline in this place, which reflects on us the opposite of the neglected place.

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