Religions-narratives, death potions thrown into the Lethe of the homeland of lethargic spirits

Imen Marie Agnes Adili
2022 / 5 / 11

John 15:26-27
The Work of the Holy Spirit
26 “When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me. 27 And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.”
An old shepherd who keeps the secrets of the deep crime of his flock-;- an intellectual voltige that lets a character speak for centuries without proving anything and silences the truth of the criminal organisation, a heap of repetitive lies eternalized since the twilight of antediluvian times tormented by a hard work impregnated with the shameful yoke engendered by the premeditated lie.
Adjuring heaven and earth in order to make it rain mercy on a character once called Jesus is pure madness seeking the cursed marriage of water and earth to the ancient cross, conceiving the mud that groans in the silence of sadistic crime.
Panathenaic frenzy of a criminal will that celebrates the nightfall of water now imprisoned in the amphora of the hidden face of the demon that for lack of existence has just celebrated the apathetic death of the human collapsed under the ruins of the gods of the ancient characters.
Zephyr algid of words that agonised from distant centuries on the guillotine of complicit silence in the face of the icy collapse of the theological meanings of any historical figure that never existed but the misty pen clumps words and words lost in ancient times forming a mass of lies that have become hereditary, To plead like a jug the petty resemblance between the character Jesus and that of Ghannouchi is hardly rambling of the corrupt mind but it is the truth of my testimony that of a former Catholic.
A studied Gospel then a manipulated Koran, a marble faun and a collection of characters who hardly need to prove that what is common between the religions-stories is the crime which dreams of burying the human under the yoke of lies putting the historical bolt forgetting in the turmoil of the hysterical spirits which shut themselves up in the eternal noise of the mummeries, the garish doors of the administrations colonized by Mr Jesus´-or-Mr Ghannouchi who shared Mrs the Church and Mrs Mosque in order to bury the corpses harvested from centuries of now sacred crimes, look no further, Mrs, for a common point between death and the consecrated crime, the pathology of corrupt heads is much more diffuse than the invented virus of ancient and contemporary genius who only sought to perpetrate the crime, the only historical truth.
Under the locks of the sacred impregnated with the veirmel blood of the slaughtered heads, the pathologies of the crimes develop in order to be reinvented, hence this story I was Mary to condemn with the shroud of her recrucified son´-or-Jesus to carry the cross of sins of the world struck long before the antediluvian times "of original sin" reinvented in order to be sanctified by the spilled blood and the body suspended in the abysses of nothingness of the sword in lock carried on the shoulders of the guillotined heads.
From where the character created is a navigator of the modern "hells" summit of infernal thought descended since antiquity into the abysses of the blind nochers who make the shadows of humanity vanish in the impossibility of making the human fall into the obvious crime that languishes in the natural silence of the mists, narcotic potion of old death and always approaching lethargic.
Grinding ocher from the motherlands of inert corpses, a destiny imbued with old iniquity "reincarnated"!

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