Mahmoud Said Kawash
2021 / 12 / 28

By: Mahmoud Said Kawash

He said to her:
Now, I love you more than any time before
Now, I miss you more than any time before
Day after day I love you more and more
Day after day I miss you more and more
I love your presence more than loving any other
I miss your presence more than missing any other

The evening with you extinguishes my longing to you
Remember this and don t ever forget it
To whom is all this fluent love you keep in your heart?
To whom?
Donít ever deprive me from your warm whisper
Iím compelled to be far away for a time
So don t be sadī-or-worried about me
Iíll miss you, but Iíll do my best to come back soon
Till that time, be patient, hopeful and optimistic
I love you and Iíll love you more and more

She replied:
The evening with you is a breeze of purity and goodness
Warm whispers of love and peace of mind
Sweet smile and a heavy cloud of happiness
Joys and a super garden full of beautiful roses and flowers

Yes, all this love is for you, just for you and your name
A prayer for you and your name
No one can attend, except the clean and pure persons
I greet you and your taste which I cherish and Iím proud of
All my love is to you, just to you
I promise to be patient, hopeful and optimistic
I ll not be sadī-or-worried about you
But Iíll miss you more than you imagine
Take care and pay attention to yourself, heart and soul
I promise I ll come back to you
May Allah, the Almighty, bless you.

Mahmoud Said Kawash
[email protected]

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