Ending the Conflict in Palestine´-or-Ending Palestine?

Rikani Fihmy
2021 / 10 / 23

The Middle East is changing at a rapid pace. In an unexpected and downright vulgar move, the UAE has opted to cuddle with Israel rather laughably. While the United States appears to be driving the course of action, one unnoticed player is acting behind closed doors. The UK, the birthplace of Israel, is racing like a chicken with no neck to ensure that normalization with Israel occurs as soon as possible.

In order to do this, the UK Foreign Secretary has begun a campaign to collect support for normalization with Israel. A recent report exonerated the United Kingdom of any war crimes committed in Iraq. So, who infiltrated Iraq? Nobody knows what Tony Blair s role was. As it seems, it was wicked to include his name in the action.

A middleman, the UK, intervened when the Italian Regeni was brutally assassinated in Egypt, which also resulted in the deaths of five other Egyptians as part of a ruse to clear Egypt’s official involvement in the crime. Regeni, on the other hand, isn t as important to the Zionist cause as Sisi is.

The UAE looks to be warming up to the United States, but things are not as they seem. The United Arab Emirates, the Middle East s Guantanamo, is still unaccountable because of its history of human rights violations. Human trafficking and forced disappearances seem to be of little concern. Perhaps the UAE is playing the winning card by pampering Israel so that it can get away with anything.

Although the United States appears to be sponsoring the UAE, in fact the United Kingdom is. Aside from emulating the English in terms of wardrobe, horseback riding, and London vacations, MBR s marriage to Princess Haya of Jordan was also aimed to strengthening ties with the United Kingdom, given their shared love of horseback riding and other athletic activities.

The UAE houses English courts and arbitration enters -dir-ectly on its own territory, making English law more applicable than the laws of the country itself, implying that the UAE is an English colony and so enjoys all sorts of protection against crime in general and financial crime in particular.

Despite his usage of the NSO software to spy on his ex-wife, MBR is absolved of all guilt by simply denying it, while Israel claims to have cancelled its contract with the UAE, effectively ending the matter. However, activists are still being spied on, harassed, and even killed using the controversial Pegasus program.

The UAE and the UK have collaborated to eliminate opposition to the UAE-;- this did not begin with the planned murder of Ala a Sediq and will not conclude with her death. The UAE royalty, like that of the other GCC countries, is nearly a feudal lord in the UK.

The domino effect began with the UAE, then moved to KSA, which prohibits Muslims from accessing its territory for pilgrimage while allowing Jewish rabbis to roam the kingdom, which has turned into an open-air brothel due to its perverted cultural traditions. The UK s Foreign Secretary paid a public visit to Qatar, echoing the UAE s unflattering behavior, to drum up support for normalizing relations with Israel.

In today s world, Israel has surpassed the United States and the United Kingdom as the dominant powerhouse. Americans and Britons determined to spread thugs from the Nile to the Euphrates as a result, and it is occurring-;- Jews are the ones most aware that this is a sign Israel will cease to exist.

The deal of the century has been replaced by a 2022 plan, which is sponsored not by the Americans but by the Russians, who originally supported the Arabs but chose to change their stance based on the weather. The main character is the infamous Muhammed Dahlan, who, according to those closest to him, is more a Zionist than the Zionists themselves.

Russia will now take the place of the United States, which was once a superpower. Israel, as usual, used it and then forgot about it the next day. The most advanced superpowers are now the ones most advantageous to Israel. The United States has been infiltrated from the left and right, with Israel running the legislature, judicial system, health-care system, and the rest of it as the small smart monkey dragging the guerrilla by a rope tied to its neck.
The guerilla is no longer required, as a bear appears to be taking its place, with the majority of Russian Zionists living in Israel and partnering with organized crime. The US lost its role not by withdrawing from Afghanistan, but by bowing to Israel.

Ever since World Wars I and II were declared over, no major decision has been made by the entire world community. In fact, you have it completely backwards: There seems to be considerable consensus about Israel. The 2022 proposal will be completed just in time for Turkey to wrap up the Treaty of Luasanne.

Finally, the Jordanian king is under attack in an attempt to depose him. Despite his English mother, he is no longer qualified for the role because he is not discourteous enough. This is the age of vulgarity, hypocrisy, and blatant lack of manners, yet Jordan s monarch retains manners among Arab rulers at large. He does not ruthlessly kill´-or-dismember his opponents, he did not kill his brother on the ground of the attempted coup d’etat in Jordan, as is common in the UAE, and he does not speak´-or-act vulgarly, which makes him English in manners but not in thought. The UK, the issuer of the Balfour Declaration, which takes pride in founding the terrorist state of Israel, is sliding down the scale to the point where its own objections from the time are no longer relevant.

This translates into backing several corrupt dictatorships in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Libya, Iraq, and Syria. Although political ties are being used as a reason, in truth, it s a rush to eradicate all manners. To his credit, the King of Jordan appears to be the only surviving member of the generation that included Jack Shirak, King Hussein, and Saddam Hussein - all of whom, in addition to being rulers, were intelligent enough to make their own decisions. While the Middle East peace plan was being negotiated, Jordan s monarch rejected it, citing his country s responsibilities as guardian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem. When the colonials found out about this, they dug for -dir-t. They found out that the King of Jordan spent -$-100 million on himself. While this isn t quite kosher, why dwell on it while ignoring the elephant in the room? The billions spent by the UAE and KSA to sponsor warmongering throughout the region, war crimes in Yemen? The blood of Khasuggi has long been wiped clean, and MBS has remained as innocent as a child, despite evidence brought to the world s attention since Trump stated out loud that if MBS goes, Israel goes.

The United Kingdom and the United States did not stop there-;- my country has become an absolute chaos. After stating that no war crimes were committed by the English in Iraq, a report will be produced soon claiming that Abu Ghreib torture was staged, allowing them to massacre millions of Arabs while going unpunished. The UK and the US ignore the corruption and theft of Iraq s riches, mostly oil. It is necessary to set a condition for Israel s presence in Iraq while also exonerating the invasions of the country.

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