They say.... , Soad Al-Sabah

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 21

They say....
Soad Al-Sabah
Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef.(2021)

They say:
Writing is a great sin,
Don t write.
Praying before letters is forbidden,
Don t get close.
The ink you write poems in is poisoning...
Never ever drink.

Here I am,
I drank a lot,
I didn t get poisoned by the ink on my desk ,
Here I am,
I have written a lot,
I set in every star a big fire,
God has never been angry with me,
The Prophet was not displeased with me.

They say:
Speech is the privilege of men,
Don t speak!
Flirting is the art of men,
Don t fall in love!
Writing is a deep sea of ​-;-​-;-water
Don t drown yourself!
Here I Am,
I have loved you so much.
I have swum a lot.
I resisted all the seas and did not get drowned.

They say:
I broke the wall of virtue with my poetry,
Men are the only poets,
How will a poetess be born in the tribe?
I mock all this nonsense,
I mock those who want female infanticide in the era of planetary war.
I ask myself-;-
Why is male singing Halal?
And the voice of women is a vice?

Why ?
They build this fairy wall,
Between fields and trees,
Between clouds and rain,
Between the female deer, and the male deer?
who said that poetry has sex?
Or prose has sex?
Or thought has sex?
Who said that nature,
Rejects the sound of beautiful birds?

They say:
I broke my marble gravestone.
This is correct!
I slaughtered the bats of the age.
This is correct!
I uprooted hypocrisy with my poetry
And broke down the tin age .

If they hurt me...
The most beautiful thing in existence is a wounded deer,
If the crucify me. Thanks to them
They made me in the level of Christ.

They say:
That femininity is a weakness,
The best of women is the woman
who is subservient,
Freedom is the head of sins,
The most beautiful woman is the bondmaid.

They say:
Literary women is a strange kind
Of grass... rejected by the desert,
And the woman who writes poetry,
Is nothing but a chanteuse.

I mock all that was said about me,
I reject the ideas of the tin age,
And the logic of the tin age,
And I m getting singing on my high peak,
And I know the thunders will pass away,
And the whirlwinds pass away
And that the bats go away
And I know that they are all mortal
And I am the one who is immortal.

Soad Al Sabah.

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