Take me to chaos and childhood. Soad Al Sabah.

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 17

Take me to chaos and childhood.

(to the soul of my husband Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah.. in his memory)

Soad Al Sabah ( 2013)
Translated by Mohammad Abdul Karem Yousef 2021.

Take me to my femininity,
Take me to my truth,
Take me beyond time and days,
Take me beyond unbosom and talking,
I want to ,

How beautiful to live with you,
On the border of light and clouds,
or under the eyelids of a word,
or between two covers of a book!

How beautiful to escape at dawn with you!
Without thinking, without fear and without regret,
I wish I could live on your chest like a dove,
After that,
Let the resurrection take place!
Let the flood begin!

O! You, the night traveler, in the lips and eyes,
O! You who eat the fruits of the sea.
The weeds of the depths,
Take me to unknown harbors,
Take me to chaos.. to childhood..
Take all my heritage... Take the wisdom of the tribe,
O! You who sow me, a sun on the horizons,
Take me anywhere you want,
Take me beyond the-limit-s of time,
I am mindless with you,
I have no attitude to take..except When I am with you.

Take me without hesitation,
To India..or to Sindh,
I no more feel hot,
I no more feel cold,
I no more have bags,
I no more have papers,
I have no more homeland but with you.

Soad Al Sabah
March 2013 / Geneva - France

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