Free Masons in the Arab East

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 11

Free Masons in the Arab East

In the era of the Umayad and Abbasyad Caliphs

The categories of Freemasons who came to the East was among them a group from Constantinople who has won wide acclaim. It was invited by the kings of Persia and Arabia and Syria to build strongholds temples and mosques. It has been hired by Waleed bin Abdul Malik around the year 88 for Migration to build temples in Al Madinah, Damascus and Jerusalem and it was mentioned in the history of Iben Khaldun where he describes the construction of a mosque as saying the city in the emirate of Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

Then wrote to him (to Omar bin Abdul Aziz) in years eight to enter the stone mothers of the builders in the mosque and buy the surrounding, than to make it two hundred arm measure, and who will refuse to give you his property pay him as much as he wants and than destroy their properties, you look like Omar and Othman.

Than Al Walid sent to the king of the Romans in Constantinople that he wants to build a mosque, so the King of Byzantium sent him one hundred thousand of weight of gold and one hundred laborers and forty burden of mosaics and sent them all to Omar bin Abdul Aziz and started building it. So did when building the mosques of Damascus and Jerusalem.

Brothers builders associations remained Liberal widen in Scotland and dearly until the end of the seventh generation to the days of Islamic conquest 718 years AD. It weakened and when the Abbasid era comes and built the capital of Baghdad, it has flourished especially in the construction industry and if the Masons moved in the same century Europe after the Islamic civilization. The number of builders associations in Syria, Iraq and Arab countries. Enrolled in and pursued by many scientists and scholars and princes.

Baghdad building

It has been mentioned in the history on how Baghdad has been build, «Ibn Mansour» wrote to Damascus and the mountain and the center of Kufa and Basra in the meaning of the enforcement of craftsmen and laborers. And ordered to choose the people with virtue and justice and jurisprudence. And ordered to choose the people with honesty and knowledge engineering. Who was brought to the pilgrims I m Artah and Abu Hanifa. Fajtt and ordered the city and dig the foundation and hit the milk and cook the cement ... And hired all four of the chief commanders of each quarter and hired Aba Hanifa.

It is known that the builders if they agreed to build a town´-or-a fence´-or-temple to make their homes of wood next to the building, so they live to eat and rest down, and hold the secret meetings and pay the workers etc.. They did not allowed anyone to enter to see their work until the construction has been done and each one have his wage.

It was stated by Iben El Athir: « The messenger of the Romanian King came to the city of Baghdad, he show him around the city and asked him how he found it, he said I saw a good building but I saw your enemy among them. When the messenger return home, he ordered to throw them out because maybe there is spies among them. The Master Mason work his day for one silver OZ and the ROZKARI for two.

Al ROZKARI is a Persian word it is found in the Persian dictionary as «Rozakar» meaning «Alrozakara» meaning minimum time´-or-the world´-or-divination. According to that it is meaning is «global»´-or-«temporal», it is a title intended to «general people who are not priests».

The use of this word in the gallery to talk about builders, the public benefit from it who are not brother Mason. The Freemasons till this day calls who is not in their association, a foreigner. It may come to mind that the ROZKARIAN are members of a secret society like the Freemasonry, in that era lot of common relations was between her and the freemasonry and this association called AL ROZIKROSIAN.

What occurs to the pronunciation is the moving from one language to another. Among them was many members from the Eastern such as, Al-Farabi, who was known for his holy hometown. the famous astronomer Fadl ibn Sahl and Khalid Bermk and Morayani and others.

Therefore, we conclude that the masons who built the city of Baghdad were the brothers of the Free Masons, who were deployed in the far East as we said.

in year 775 the construction industry has moved to Andalusia, living under Islamic rule and when Abdul Rahman, first opened Cordoba and make it his prestigious, he sent to the eastern regions, especially Baghdad asking the builders to build this city. He build multiple buildings, including mosques and forts have been taken mainly the form of construction Constantinople. And set up schools for the builders while preserving their money from the rights and privileges. Cordoba was famous after that for science and industry, especially the construction industry. And used to get students from all over the world to acquire science and crafts.

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