Your voice is a messenger of longing, Colette Khoury

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 2

Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef

Because your shining face
Never lived in my eyes,

Because your sweet laughter
Never visited my ears,

Because your spectrum, the Farer tourist, has never ever visited my imagination,

Because I never engaged myself in thinking about you,
Today , I think of you .
Your voice that creeps in the dark atmosphere of hatred is
A breeze of serenity,
And a golden ribbon of love.

Your voice that defies the bleeding news
And folds the overwhelming landslides,
To penetrate the telephone wires to my ears,
An esperance Tone ,
A schedule of generosity,
A prayer of a prophet.

Your voice that raided my silence once,
Surprised me charged with promises,
and deadlines,
Then used to visit me like gifts on Feast morning.

Your voice ,in the darkest periods of blackness flowed into my loneliness like a ray of light.

Your voice that waves to me like the dreams of dawn and cuddles in its peace…
A goodbye.

Your voice that wakes me up
Every morning importunately, urgently,
A beloved child,
Forgets all and disappears…

Your voice of the homeless adventurer..
Your voice that is tired of homelessness, Nights have strayed him…

Your voice is searching, in dysphonia, for a shelter…

Your voice is the doctor that I am his caretaker …

Your voice is the messenger of longing and worry…
Your voice is the fountain of poems…

Your voice carries the day time to me , Leaves the sun and poetry with me.

Your voice teaches me longing and compassion again...
Your voice ,O! handsome man,
Reminds me of the beauty of your presence...

Your voice draws your portrait into my imagination.

Your voice that leaks inside me
Naked beyond the nights,
Falls into my ear
Confused, anxious , grievous,
Saturates with sadness your phantom,
Washes up your eyelashes with tears,
clothes your lineaments with a noble pallor,
Ever since ,I started to see you…You handsome...delightful...

Because your brilliant face
haunts my eyes today,
Because your sweet laughter,
Today, leaks nostalgia into my soul.

Because your kind gentle specter,
Today, I embrace my senses...
I won t meet you one day
I will never meet you,
And don t be surprised.. You handsome…

In these strangling, boring and stifling days,
I ,desperately, need to keep loving you,
I only love you...
Only through your voice...

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