Yearning to You , Colette Khoury

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 1

Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef


Why are you asking
About my news?
About my programs? … About my projects?
About my travel dates?
As if at the moment we met.

As if we, all the days, did not paint
The following surprises that occurred.

As if we were, in a moment again,
Did not sift the history of illusions,
And all our past stories.

As if, in our stealthily meetings,
I did not secretly travel to your mind.

As if you did not haunt
My poems…

Why are you suddenly asking me about my news?
As if you were promptly going away,
Or as if I were leaving...

Who poured in your eyes, now,
Confusion of thinkers ... and anxiety of poets?


Why are you asking me...
As if I were a stranger coming to you?
Between you and me
A flashing connection case,
In which ,We summed up the stories…

Between you and me...A lifetime ,
With which we summed up words...

between me and you,
There is an open book.

Did I hide anything from you?
It s a leaf of leaves hid away.
It might shyly hide from
Your presence.
I might not tell you that
I have yearning...
I am yearning to you.


Yearning to you…
And you are with me …
As if I did not see you..
As if I did not hark to you…
Whereas you are near me ,
You live under my eyelashes,
And in my hearing system.


Yearning to you…
As if you were absent ….
And I am alone…
With you , all people left
As if I were a traveler ,
As if I would travel,
As if you are the travel ,
As if yearning is stored with you….
Yearning I am to you…
As melody yearns to chords,
As the eyes yearn, in the summer of my country, to stay up at night,
As our land yearns for rain...
Yearning I am to you…


Tell me …Tell me…
Without questions ….
Tell me …
Our life flees away…
And the universe terminates...

Tell me…
About that forgotten legend,
About that tall farer ,
And how he silently loved a fairy ,
How he hid his love to her,
A case ,
In his eyes…

Tell me about that woman …
Who ruined the world in a whisper,
Only for the sake of his eyes,
And rebuilt it in a touch,
In her comfortable palace.

How did she weave the magic carpet
With her emotions ,
And cast it under his feet.


Tell me ….
Time is running …
Yearning I am to you…

Tell me…
The secret of silence hymns…
The his disclosure
In hearts
Without my knowledge ,
Hide me in your eyes.

After all….It does not matter
If I leave,
Or you travel
Upon the magic carpet.
It does not matter…
As long as I live in the clear eye..
As long as …
I feel yearning to you …
Yearning I am to you…
Though you are beside me .

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