Myself and I, Colette Khoury

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 6 / 28

Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef
O! You woman in my heart,
till when,
You remain wandering homeless?

Aren t you satisfied with the torment of love?
You spent your life longing,
In search for a shoulder to cry on it...

The Life passes …
And you, every time,
Come back disappointed,
To weep on my shoulder!
You torture me...
You torture me...
O! Woman... You are myself,
You, alone, make my heaven a hell,
You make my well-being humiliating…

I am ,the one who minifies the universe
The size of my palm,
I blame horizons for their narrowness,
I see you confine the universe
In a beloved s arm...

Your prospects are lost,
In a look of longing,
And its sparkle...

There is a difference between you and me,
O! You the woman who,
ruins with Love my life.

I am the one... that
Piles up and builds with ambition,
A world…

There is a difference between you and me,
I never stood in your way…

Why do you always insist on getting in my way?

I gave you the world,
I taught you existence,
How you did not learn from me not to weaken?

O! Soft female...
O! myself!
You suffer… you suffer from love.
Your pain calms my strength,
And your pain repels my strength,
And I…
I won t find a shoulder to cry on…
While you...
Are always on my shoulder…
Be compassionate with me,
O! Woman, I sympathize with her...
With me, I am the strong,
Try, once, to be sympathetic with me
Alone, we are …
I know this…
Isn t it the right time for you ,
O! Woman who lives deep down within me,
Isn t it the right time for you
To know?

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