Burned Snow, Colette Khoury

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 6 / 23

Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef


I let him go ,
A tale of warmth that permeates the snow,
I stood alone and contemplated him,
In the frost of the night,
And in my eyes
A glare is deified ....


sadness is flooding,
I felt him near me,
A life raft and a ship.
And when the universes shook,
And time ignited,
Snow ran away from my heart,
To fall from the sky,
Serenity messages,
That overwhelm the city...


The light overflowed on the latitude,
And the latitude got stuck in my house,
When my city penetrated into poetry,
And the poetry of the world penetrated my silence...

When sorrows radiate,
I loved in its radiance, my existence and my survival.

When my eyes became my heaven
And the whole world is my own land...
I let him go...


More handsome than a dream,
purer than snow,
I let him go…
I was afraid that if he stays,
He would break into my isolation,
I was afraid that he would invade my home My Desolation,
And reaches my loneliness ,
I was afraid that if he stays,
My walls would collapse in his presence with the bright snows,
I was afraid that my secrets,
Would spread on the latitude,
Like the spotless tunic.

I was afraid that I might find out,
In the evening of fun and playfulness,
Answer to long awaiting,
The secret of my acceptance and rejection,
So I let him go…
I let him go
Like a tear lost amid weeping
I am a woman who is accustomed to alienation,
And winter…


I will not accept…No ..
I will not allow the frost to burn in my chest,
Or to -convert- rain in my life ears of wheat in the meadow,
I ll crush the glare with my eyelids,
But he is still in my eyes,
Will he come back to
When the snow melts?

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