Poetry That lost its rhythm, Colette Khoury

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 6 / 21

Translated by Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef

One day in the far….far away,
My love is gone,
He left before he came,
Holding my homeland in his chest,
And in his eyes...
My spectrum…
And his sorrows…


One day in the far….far away,
My longing for him intoxicated me,
So I decided to leave,
and immigrate to him,
To appear before him,
But, in The coma of longing,
I hugged my letters,
And lost his address.


One day in the far….far away,
I resorted
To my stories alone,
I built inhabited worlds,
I built glories ,
But ,on the sidelines, I sang
My loneliness and his sadness.


who is he?
I no more know,
Illusions changed his name,
And his figure mingled with dreams,
I no more know,
Is his chest my homeland
or the days ?
I made my poems his homeland.


Is he a reality´-or-an illusion?
I no more know,
I lost my reality in the hallways of imagination,
So, don t blame me …
If my poetry,
in the mazes of the questioning,
has lost rhythm.

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