Its my mistake , I confess.

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 6 / 18

My abhorrent behavior on that day on that long, hot day has made me rethink the way I speak so . Yes, a lesson has been learnt. And while I’m at it, here are a few other things I’m sorry about.

I am sorry that I did not make the most of my school and university days. I did most but I was able to do more and get more and more.

I am sorry that I had that extra glass of wine last night that made me feel intoxicated.

I am sorry that I did not wear sunscreen religiously throughout my twenties.It might have done something with friends.

I apologize to all my school teachers.You have been more generous than prophets.

I apologize to my mother. All that I gave to you is but a bit if compared with what you have offered me.I am still refunding what you have done to me all over my life.

I apologize to my father. I have sometimes been quick, and misunderstood you in several situations.You have always been right and aware of the unforeseen future.

I apologize to my wife. Sawsan you always endure my behavior .You are my beloved, friend, wife, and mate in all seasons and relief in surge points.

I apologize to my kids Karam and Nour for every misunderstood act I have done.The other day , I have been strict with you. One day, you will be a father and a mother and you will excuse me and understand me.

I apologize to friends ( girls and boys). Not all is known can be said. Surely you understand.I loved you all one another like Jesus style not each other human love.I Always believed that my blood and body are devine and should be treated´-or-touched but in divine rituals .

I am sorry that I have never finished visiting all parts of my lovely country Syria.Syrian history revives body and soul , and once one know Syria s value , he would walk in the air 30 cms far from ground lest he/she polutes the divine soil.

I am sorry that I missed some lovely times with my late father.I should have stayed with you four hours and hours sharing ideas on east ans west while playing dice.

I am sorry to all friends who considers me a station that they stop at it every now and then and find relief an refugee.If time repeates itself , I shall stay as you know me O+ ,universal doner and a station to all hopless exhausted people.

I am sorry that it took me so long to self-discover that I was not self-manager every now and then .

And finally, I am sorry if I missed a badly managed situation´-or-behavior done by me and I did not mention in this list . Trust me…

I will never hurt a heart again. I promise. Never ever, pinky swear.

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