Turkey is a foreign and occupying power from Libya to Kurdistan

Ahmed Shekho
2021 / 6 / 15

A number of media outlets reported the words of the neo-Ottoman Defense Minister Hulusi Akar,´-or-the so-called Turkish Minister of Defense, who said, “Turkey is not a foreign power in Libya.” This was accompanied by the fact that the Turks did not inform the Libyan government of their arrival as a protocol between any two sovereign and dignified countries. The delegation was large as if they were in an Ottoman state, as it included the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Head of Intelligence, the Minister of Interior, the Chief of Staff, the Head of the Communication Department of the Turkish Presidency and the Spokesperson for the Presidency, and the question is what are all these Turkish-Erdogan leaders doing in Libya, knowing that Hulusi Akar’s words were not It was the first time, and like all other officials, that Libya was part of the Ottoman Empire and that there are millions of Turks in Libya and that the Turkish national security, the blue homeland and the brotherhood request entry to Libya, and there are fake and deceptive arguments and justifications that Turkey is trying to pass by giving it legal formulas with the former Libyan government And the attempt to adapt it to international law and the agreements that regulate the relationship between states, including the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Work and many other agreements

It is self-evident for any Arab´-or-Kurdish person in the region, especially in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan and in the Arab countries, to say that this arrogant Ottoman view and the hostile stance at an airport and an old base in Libya, which in part resembles the appearance of Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian, which was repeated in several countries Arab Iran wanted to tighten its grip. And here is Hulusi Akar reappearing in countries that Turkey wants to tighten its grip on. Where, weeks and months ago, his reappearance was repeated in northern Syria and in Iraq, specifically in its north in southern Kurdistan (the Kurdistan region of Iraq), where Hulusi Akar appeared without the knowledge and permission of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in the Turkish military and intelligence bases and centers, which exceeded 40 and even that the Minister The Turkish Interior Ministry, with all its hostility towards Iraq and its sovereignty, said, "We will build another new military base."

But if we want to understand the significance and repercussions of these Turkish positions and the policy adopted by the current Turkish authority, we must mention a number of points:

1_ We have to address the local tools of Turkey´-or-its new Janissaries mercenaries during its occupation of the Kurdish and Arab regions and how to subjugate them to it and link their fate to it, especially some Kurdish parties and families in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and northern Syria, the Kurdish agents (Jahshak) and the movements of political Islam and its vast incubator, the terrorist Brotherhood movements in the Arab countries, as happened in Syria, Libya, Iraq and others, and it is correct to refer to many vague negative attitudes that remain silent and help´-or-legitimize the Turkish incursion, intervention and occupation, which is what we are observing now with the increase in Turkish attacks on northern Iraq and on the legitimate defense areas in Mtina, Zab and Afashin and in northern Syria in the al-Shahba areas Ain Issa and Tal Tamr, where the Syrian government, as well as the Iraqi government, did not take any serious, effective and deterrent stance against the Turkish attacks´-or-help the defenders and resisters of the peoples of the region and the sovereignty of their countries in the face of the Turkish occupation, and this is due to their narrow horizons and nationalist mentality, which does not believe in diversity, pluralism and democratic traditions of the region’s culture. , and also due to not considering themselves responsible for all the problems We are in those countries, and as this behavior is practiced by many countries in the region and their political currents, and thus they say that “Turkey fights the Kurds alone, and let us not be far away,” despite the fact that this is not true and Turkey fights all the ocean, and they say we can benefit from this conflict for our interests and we can subdue the Kurds, after Their fear in Turkey and the genocide and spreading strife and division between them and the peoples of the region as happened and is happening in Manbij and Qamishlo before it, and they try many times and without shame and shame to help Turkey in occupying their lands despite their negative words about Turkey, even in different ways that vary between silence and cover-up´-or-words and empty condemnations and delivery of messages For the Turkish ambassador to throw it in the nearest trash can in Baghdad,´-or-with its help with information and coordination with it,´-or-by opening other fronts against the defending forces, accusing them, and undermining´-or-minimizing their resistance so that the Arab people do not interact with them and the resistance does not integrate and with no criticism of the invading and occupied Turkey, as happened in Afrin It is happening now in areas in the governorates of Dohuk and Hewler.

2_ The identical international positions of the central powers in the world system with Turkey, which forget all the laws of the United Nations when Turkey fights the Kurds and the peoples of the region´-or-when Turkey interferes in the Arab countries, as the position of America, the European -union-, Russia and China, which does not matter if Turkey occupied half of Syria, half of Iraq,´-or-half of Libya and worked On the formation of states such as Cyprus in it´-or-its annexation to Turkey, and what they focus on is that their projects and strategies are passed in the region and that hegemony and looting of the capabilities and wealth of the region and its peoples will continue. This is what we see when Turkey, in broad daylight, carries out genocide against the Kurdish people in Iraq, Syria and Turkey, and what it is doing in occupying Libya and working to empower the Brotherhood in it and not leave it despite many ranting international demands without a parallel act of pressure that forces Turkey to retreat.
3_ The crises that afflict Turkey from the inside and Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party, as the one-man government, the Sublime Porte, the Ottoman Sultan, suspicious relations with ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda, and the military and security dealings only with the legitimate demands and rights of the Kurdish people have only brought various crises and deepened them in terms of economic, political and social To all areas of life to its crises with most countries of the ocean and the world. The current government does not have any acceptable, successful and possible plan, policy and strategy to deal with these files and crises. Rather, it sees in the practice of more puritanism, exclusivity, arrogance, dictatorship and genocide as a way out and a way to deal with issues and keep them in power, rather than searching for serious and comprehensive solutions as it should. Perhaps what Turkey and its Ottoman project are doing in Libya, and the words of the neo-Ottoman Minister are nothing but an expression of Turkey’s lack of awareness of the reality of its instrumental role and its desire to expand and expand and try to impose new facts and its disrespect for the peoples of the region and their free will.
4_ Turkey’s current Erdogan’s desire and authority to possess the largest number of areas of influence and papers for use in times of need and for bartering over them in times of need, especially there are issues in which Turkey sees its survival and annihilation as a result of its mentality and fascist mentality and its deviant and disturbing behavior as the Kurdish issue. Where it is noticed that Turkey and to buy the silence of the Arab countries, which influence its current incursion into Syria and currently in Iraq, and perhaps even Libya and some countries, to initiate daily verbal flirtation with Arab countries while not taking the steps required of them and changing their behavior that threatens security, peace and stability in Arab countries and the region.
5_ The attempts of the American administration and the European -union- to pressure Erdogan to keep him away from dealing with Russia, China and Iran, knowing Erdogan and Turkey’s inability to live and work outside the Western system and NATO for many reasons, including Turkey’s geostrategy, the way Turkey was established, its -function-al status, the composition of its powers and Western influence in Turkey. It is possible that Erdogan’s sense of his inability to play a regional role´-or-the imminent termination of his services and the possibility of the emergence of replacements for him, wanted to send that he still has a great regional role that should not be bypassed by America and other international powers and everyone should negotiate with him, and to attract attention and mix papers, he sent Al-Aramam delegation to Libya And in a clear violation of Libyan sovereignty, and his assertion through Hulusi Akar that they will not leave Libya and that they came with agreements with the Libyan government. And so that we can say that what is happening this week of abnormal behavior of the Turkish state in Syria, as it appeared in Afrin and the recent massacre, and what is happening in pressure and push towards internal Kurdish fighting in Baş-;-ûr Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan Region), and what Akar says is for the same goal and for the proximity of a meeting with the President The American Biden with Erdogan and with Putin.

Despite the presence of some local tools with Turkey in the region and the lack of awareness by others of the neo-Ottoman Turkish intentions and brutality, and their failure to know that the Turkish Islamic dress is a lie and hypocrisy,´-or-an attempt to condone it by some, and an attempt to work according to the logic of temporary interest and not to confront Turkish evil and push it to the other two. Nevertheless, most Arab and Kurdish peoples, the peoples of the region and many of their countries, as well as the political and societal forces, realize the insidiousness of the Turkish role and the coordination of this role with Iranian and Israeli interference and global hegemony to control the region, its people and their capabilities. But it is hoped and more useful to fully realize the Turkish policies that threaten stability and security, the nature and nature of power in Turkey, the state of conflict in it and the centers of power in it. The videos of the mafia, Sadat Bakr, also showed a small part of it as an alliance of corruption, the mafia, power and rape.
It is also necessary to be certain, assimilate and read correctly that silence and negative interaction with those who resist the genocidal practices of the fascist Turkish state in Iraq, Syria, and even inside Turkey, and not rejecting these practices and behaviors in an effective and deterrent manner, is what facilitated, legitimized and enlarged the Ottoman desire to expand and paved the way for Turkey to enter many Arab countries, including Libya In the provocative manner of the Turkish delegation, and in the words of Hulusi Akar, which transcend and insult not only the Libyan state, but all Arab countries and all the peoples of the region And it is not wrong to say that the Turkish expansion and occupation and allowing it to extend and prolong and perpetrate genocide against the peoples of the region are signs of bankruptcy, confusion and chaos and that Turkey does not have the real desire and will for reconciliation and normalization of relations with the ocean, the interior and the world. All talk of spinning is a fabricated act in order to reach a time, place and goal that serves the same strategy of intervention and occupation of the Arab countries and the peoples of the region. And as the Russian proverb says, “The guest who comes without an invitation is definitely Turkish.” The Turkish state and its authorities are embodying that saying in a blunt and brutal way, and in a case they are practicing ethnic cleansing and demographic change on the people of the house and the owner of the place as they do with the Arab and Kurdish peoples who received them since the eighth and tenth century Even today, and today, Turkey represents a foreign and occupying power in Libya, Iraq, Syria, southeast Turkey and many countries in the region, and contrary to what Minister Erdogan said. The peoples of the region, headed by the Kurdish people, the Popular Defense Forces, the Free Women s Units, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Afrin Liberation Forces, represent a force of resistance, defense and protection for the region and its peoples in the face of this fascist Turkish occupation and its terrorist ISIS, and in the face of its behavior and practices, and in the front line that should support and participate with them in defense and protection of security The stability and safety of the region, its states, peoples and societies.

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