Homosexuals between self-flagellation and the whip of society and the silence of the cultured!

Mohamed Moussafir
2021 / 4 / 26

When I write an article in which I defend homosexuality, I am often accused of being gay, and the defendants ’problem is that they are selfish, they do not believe in the existence of a person defending something that does not concern him´-or-her ...
Rest assured, gentlemen, I am not gay, I am not a female when I defend women s rights, and I am not a teacher when I declare my solidarity with the striking professors. My humanity goes beyond the-limit-s of my being, so I am not ashamed to express my point of view...
Perhaps this is the reason why most progressive intellectuals in our country fear discussing homosexuality in public seminars, educational workshops,´-or-even enlightening articles. This topic is almost absent in reality as if it were a burning ember that burns the hand of all those who touch it, although this particular category is the most suffering in our country and in all backward´-or-religious countries, they can never reveal their tendencies publicly because they are threatened with death´-or-torture, as we have witnessed on more than one occasion, they suffer persecution in silence without being able to support each other, for example in demonstrations with human rights demands that guarantee their dignity,´-or-at least, by submitting petitions to the responsible authorities!
They are persecuted within the ignorant family, for it is their first experience with persecution, when the family finds them in their rooms practicing "vice", then they torture them´-or-expel them outside the home, then their psychological condition deteriorates, and they turn into socially negative people and they fail in their academic´-or-professional life due to the impossibility of having a psychological balance in a social system that does not accept one of its members!
You may find most of them flogging themselves, persecuting themselves, and thinking that they are responsible for their tendencies, which they may consider a deviation, so the inferiority complex remains with them, and remorse accompanies them, so one may close the door on himself, hits his head against the walls of the room, and falls into a pathological hysterical state that may lead him to suicide or, you may find him praying to god hoping to forgive him for what he did´-or-what he felt!
This remorse, and the social persecution that surrounds homosexuals, have a religious basis, as this act is considered one of the major immoralities, and the name of its perpetrator is not mentioned in Heaven, so if you did it means declaring enmity with God, and their fate in the minds of society, and in their minds as well is hellfire, it is an inevitable result!
And since this ruling exists and there is no religious disagreement about it, they exclude any scientific discussion, and they may consider it a Masonic Zionist conspiracy that seeks to pornography and spread vice in society, without ever trying to listen to this "supposed criminal", and investigate the truth!
But this will not be the end of that movie, as the developed world also had violent and very cruel stories against homosexuals, before they took that giant step towards human rights in general, thanks to the struggles of the victims themselves, and then thanks to the efforts of the enlighteners who speak the truth no matter how contradictory it seems to society s values! And no matter how rabble fought it!

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