Patriotism is an illusion

Mohamed Moussafir
2021 / 4 / 25

They ask you about patriotism! And I am really surprised by this question, is there really a homeland worth dying for? What has this country done for us? And what has distinguished it from the rest of the homelands? We are thrown into this world and everything in it has a price. If you do not work and tire, you will not find a place to live in, if you do not cram yourself into humiliating work, you will not guarantee your daily sustenance, even the simplest necessities have a price, like water, electricity, medicine, and education, and this is the case for the rest of the world. Despite the differences in severity and quality, the essence of exploitation is constant, so what distinguishes this country from the rest? It is a fateful coincidence that compels me to stick to it, damn it and those who invite me to do that, perhaps the foreigner sometimes benefits more than the original citizen, especially if the first is from one of the strong imperialist countries, and the rich remains the luckiest of all.
So what is left for the poor? Hollow slogans to tickle their dreams and they become the first victim of crises and the first victims of wars.
But the optimal truth remains bright. Although few know it. Homelands are bourgeois fiefdoms. If the combination is correct, the goal and the purpose of the borders as a whole remains the dividing the peoples taxes, They are the valve of the sweat of the workers and the wealth of lands ...
Based on the foregoing, it is better for us, the downtrodden crowded at the bottom, not to take matters very seriously, and to stop being sectarian and racist, especially among us, and if the boundaries separate us, and if we differ in religion, gender´-or-race, we won t benefit anything from fanaticism and hatred for each other, but from that the new feudal lords benefit, and from that the vampires reap more profits!
The homeland is not necessarily where we were born, the land that embraced us at the beginning of life, the street where we ran and played in our earliest years, the paths and roads that we marked with our steps morning and evening, no gentlemen, for the homeland is a concept deeper than being summed up in a piece of land where biological coincidences wanted us to grow up, but the homeland to me is determined by the humans that settle the earth, their lifestyle, their social interactions, the institutions!
In sum, my country is where I find my dignity, where the state plans for my future and paves the way for me to rise without standing as an obstacle to my ambitions, otherwise, it stops being a homeland and turned into an enemy.
The homeland is the lap that provides me safety without oppressing me if I scream from pain and protested against it, the homeland where I find a bed and a doctor when I am incapacitated,´-or-for my wife and sister when they give birth. The homeland is where my children find seats in a classroom fit for a person in the twenty-first century, the homeland is where I find work befitting my specialist´-or-my preferences, so that I work hard and excel in it and miss it without wasting half of my life in a routine work that I cannot stand and where I do not spend all my abilities. The homeland, gentlemen, is the one that is based on strategic planning and rational management for each individual in it,´-or-at least, the one that tries!

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