Barbaric Punishment and Alternative Punishments

Mohamed Moussafir
2021 / 4 / 24

Human history has witnessed terrible barbarity and brutality in punishing the perpetrators. We recall, for example, what happened to Robert Francois, who tried to assassinate King Louis XV, was burned with wax and molten lead, then hot oil was poured into the wounds, then he was cut up by four horses dragging in the four -dir-ections. Imagine the ugliness of the scene!
A pyramid-shaped chair with a sharp head was also used, the perpetrator was suspended by his four limbs, then they lowered him onto the chair, and the sharp head would enter his anus until death ... knowing that he might die after hours´-or-days of torment ..
It also happened that the perpetrators were placed in a pot of water, oily,´-or-full of tar that was slowly boiling,´-or-they were cut into pieces´-or-the skull was smashed with two iron plates in the middle of the upper plate there is a screw ...
In sum, these regimes used to master the methods of torture in a way that reflects sadism that is totally unjustified ...
Today, a complete break with these barbaric forms has occurred, and punishment has begun to be seen as a means aimed at an end, not an end to cure the sick souls.
Why do we be punished?
Punitive procedures aim at two basic matters, the first of which is rehabilitation of the perpetrator, then second: deterrence ... and when the punishment ceases to achieve these two goals, the search for alternative forms is required ...
Until the Middle Ages, many diseases were treated with death, such as leprosy, autism, and epilepsy, as they were associated with magic´-or-evil spirits, and many lives were lost and rivers of blood were shed without ending the problem. But science has evolved to solve more complex matters.
They killed homosexuals, but they were unable to eliminate homosexuality, and today, it is considered a sacred right in all democratic countries, because homosexuality is not a choice, but it is a natural behavior that you find in all living things.
With the advancement of medicine and science, pedophilia has come to be seen as a pathological disorder that can be treated in most cases, by medication,´-or-electrotherapy, and sometimes by cognitive behavioral therapy under the supervision of a psychiatrist.
But these approaches, and this alternative punishment, require the existence of a strong state with real institutions that really want to address the phenomenon, and not a country that is unable to secure the minimum-limit-s for a decent life, prisons in the most vulnerable cases that only produce more crimes, and hospitals in which patients die with the simplest sicknesses...
The psychological approach is difficult to be demanded in backward countries mired in the mud of myth, and from corrupt systems that do not pay attention to individuals. Indeed, it is the supreme determinant in classifying countries and distinguishing barbarism from civilized ones!

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