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A talented teenager does not riot!

Mohamed Moussafir
2021 / 4 / 20

In the days I was in middle school, that is in my early teens, I was an absolutely unbearable person, rioting to the point of disgust, and all my worry before I went to was to think about the worst way to arouse the nerves of my teachers, and to make the classmates laugh, especially the students, I was very snappy I am much happier for any achievement I achieve in obstructing the course of the lesson, without ever feeling remorseful ... The teacher sometimes throws me out of the classroom, and I feel the euphoria of an unparalleled victory, and I signed a commitment in the general guard, so I was overwhelmed with a deep sense of heroism ... and all my ambition was then I had a chance to fight with one of the professors. The students who fought with the professors were very respectful. They were treated with a special kind of respect and consideration by their peers. I liked to have the same treatment. I was determined and encouraged, I finally did it, I fought with the Arabic language teacher, he beat and kicked me, but it didn t matter, for it was enough for me to try ...
But why did I have such great rioting energy?
The reason for that, my friends, is that I was not very diligent to be distinguished from my colleagues, and I did not master almost any hobby, I mean by mastery, excellence, I was looking for an outlet to it, and in the simplest way to be distinguished ... and I found my way only on my teachers account!
A student who can impose himself in a field, for example, an athlete, a musician, a poet,-or-a master in their studies, will not riot at all, because they are blessed with some self-confidence, and they do not need to search for it at the expense of others, especially if they are not enemies!
Every human being has special tendencies that must be cultivated, only we must realize it, and create a space that embraces it, and people who will motivate it!

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