Egypt and Ethiopia: Who resists and who is affiliated with colonialism!

Hatem Elgoharey
2021 / 4 / 19

Ethiopia uses a set of logical, cultural and historical fallacies to promote its discourse against Egypt, on the issue of building the "Renaissance" Dam near the Sudanese borders.
The central Ethiopian fallacy that promotes its project in the world depends on the contradictions of the old "European question", portraying Egypt as an extension of the "white colonial man" image!
It takes advantage of Europe / West feelings of guilt and its attempt to cleanse it, so that the West does not take a clear stance towards Ethiopia’s attempt to use the dam as a political pressure card on Egypt, and to control its share of water that has not changed since the last century, despite the terrible increase in the population of Egypt.
In fact, Ethiopia is deceiving the world and deceiving itself, in view of this false image that it presents about Egypt, whether on the historical level´-or-at the level of the present time.
On the historical level, and in the period of liberation from "European colonialism" and facing its presence, Egypt provided everything it had to support liberation in the colonized African, Arab and international countries, and no one forgets the role of Gamal Abdel Nasser and the "Non-Aligned Countries" project.
While Ethiopia has not historically experienced the pain of colonialism and liberation that Egypt went through in the last century, nor did it present the world with a symbolic liberation role, whether on the African continent´-or-at the international level, as Egypt did.
At the present-day level, Ethiopia is falsifying the reality and trying to deceive the countries of Africa and the world, that Egypt is bullying it by the old colonial Western countries, especially America, the European ---union--- and others.
The truth is that Ethiopia and its political discourse ignores most of the facts of reality, that most of the studies of Ethiopian dams took place in the West and in America specifically, and that the first supporter of it in its aggression on the share of the Egyptians of water, is an ancient colonial state that is the only one that still applies the policy of apartheid, and it has been approved since A few years ago, a racist law against the Palestinians was about "the Jewishness of the state" and considering the Palestinians second-class citizens. What is meant here, of course, is "Israel."
And that Egypt fought a battle against colonialism and nationalized the Suez Canal, to finance the construction of its dam, and faced a war from three colonial countries, not as Ethiopia is doing and adopting a blockade of the Egyptians politically by the dam, through American and Zionist colonial support, and pressure on Egypt.
Ethiopia is deceiving itself, not the world, by forgetting that Trump used the Renaissance Dam as a tool to pressure Egypt to accept the "deal of the century" to end the Palestinian issue and the rights of the Palestinians, and that Trump imposed a religious interpretation of colonial cultural hegemony on the Arabs, in the name of "the Abrahamic Agreements."
And before that, Ethiopia deceives itself, not the world, when it turns a blind eye to the stance of America and the West towards the Arab revolutions in the twenty-first century, and how they played on all ropes and created contradictions to confirm their colonial presence.
They were not real support for the Arab revolutions, which had at its core a project to overcome the hegemony of the colonial "European question", when the Arab masses came out with slogans that go beyond the slogans of European Marxism, and slogans that go beyond European liberalism as well.
Ethiopia is deceiving itself, not the world, when it tries to present the "dam" project as a means of liberation, and not as a means of colonialism, forgetting that Donald Trump was describing the Egyptian reaction as an absence towards the dam, citing his negative stance on the January 25 revolution and its grandiose dreams, far from their colonial interventions of existence and hegemony.
Therefore, the Ethiopian dam here is used as a colonial means and not a means of liberation at all.
In addition, Ethiopia ignores the pressures that the current Egyptian political administration may be exposed to, in order to reach a solution and a successful political discourse, in the face of Ethiopia s attempt to control the Egyptians share of water.
Which is at a very critical stage, between rapprochement with the speech of the January 25 revolution on radical change against the hierarchies of ancient colonialism in the Arab region, and their internal reflection, and between adopting the discourse of alienation and subordination to the other, as a means of solution and affirming dependency and colonialism.
Which is at a very critical stage, between rapprochement with the discourse of the January 25 revolution about radical change against the hierarchies of old colonialism in the Arab region and their internal reflection, and the adoption of the discourse of Other s impersonation and subordination to the other, as a means of solution and affirming dependency and colonialism.
Ethiopia becomes the biggest obstacle at present to liberation from the colonialism of the "European question" and its old hierarchies in the Arab region and the world. Ethiopia, by its subservience to Zionism, becomes the worst Trojan horse used by colonialism to reproduce itself and present it again in the new century.
Let us extend a hand at a last chance for Ethiopia, support the Egyptians ’attempt to transcend the old colonial hierarchies of the" European question ", and their attempt to present a new humanitarian model to the world, expressing the dream of the Arab revolutions in building a new world away from the European cultural Syndromes, which colonized the world with their soft and rough powers for a long time.
To Ethiopia: Do not imitate colonialism and exercise the same act of domination over Egyptians ’right to life. We are not against a dam to generate electricity, but we are against a colonial dam for political purposes that controls the Egyptians’ share of water, and supports the Zionist and Western attempts to besiege Egypt, and prevent the emergence of a new liberation human model, Emphasizing the colonial hierarchies of the last century.
To Ethiopia: Do not be part of the old colonialism, and be part of the new liberation.
Do not be part of the "European question" and the cultural Syndromes that have restricted the world for so long.
And be part of the "post-European question" to liberate the world and break its captivity.

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