Women of the World Unite (V)

Ghiath El-marzouk
2021 / 3 / 29

Women of the World Unite (V)

Ghiath El-Marzouk

The point for the woman is not to take power
Out of the man [whatsoever],
That would not change the world:
The point is to destroy the idea of power altogether!
Simone de Beauvoir

Women of the World Unite!

Know that [your] traditionally dominating husbands, if they do exist willy-nilly, are beyond the shadow of a doubt the most obsequious, most submissive, slaves to the notion of domination itself, in the first place. Know also that even the far more obsequious, far more submissive, of such slaves, in any part of this covertly (or even overtly) partitioned Arab World, are nothing but belittled, derogated and disparaged versions of what that peerless Afro-American Revolutionary called, house slaves specifically, those inveterately timorous and perfidious slaves whose jugular veins were always bulging with venom and with pus and even with all sorts of filth and scum thus, the notion in question is no more than a symptom of compulsive obsession which presupposes the very counter-notions of defiance and resistance, thereby emitting their flashes of sunlight at this gloomy time from shade to shade.

Furthermore, even the very concept of woman itself is merely and simply a patriarchal, masculine concept from the viewpoint of him being the subject and her being the object both structurally and indicatively: structurally in the sense that he is the active constructor and she is the passive constructed in the very beginning, and indicatively in the sense that he is the causative indicator and she is the resultative indicated at the very end!

[Maxim V]



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