Mahmoud Said Kawash
2021 / 2 / 23

“Life is a circle of giving and taking”
Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

Our hearts do not hurt, it is our brains which do
Let us be positive and make people happy with our humanity
Let us accustom ourselves to smile and be cheerful
There is no charge for a little laugh´-or-a simple smile
One´-or-both can change the life of someone here´-or-there
Do your best to distance yourself from negativity
That is the only way to achieve inner peace and tranquility

The friends are either blessings´-or-curses
Some come as heavy burdens and abuse our life
Others come as gifts and give us useful lessons
The second kind makes us aware, keeping our eyes opened
It makes us realise that people are not the same
That life is different according to times and places
That there are complications in our way to achieve success

As long as we believe in God, our only saviour
We keep smiling to our successes as well as to our fails
We keep doing our best to help staying real humans
I wish I could soar as high in the sky as I possibly can
Where there is no harm´-or-disturbance, with birds
Where I can touch the stars, day and night
Where I sit with angels and bring peace in every heart

As long as we believe in God, our only saviour
We need to learn to let bad things burn
We need to thank people who cause harm to us
They make us better, stronger and never trust them again
We need to forgive them and let them go free, live and grow
Thanks to them, because we owe them that we get better
It should be so, because life is a circle of giving and taking!!

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