Jack Attalla
2020 / 12 / 21

Following the overtaking of the kingdom of Egypt in 1952 which was orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the country has seen many sad and debilitating episodes up to and including today.

The state of the country nowadays is rather pitiful.
Basic rights such as equality, justice, and dignity are lacking in today s society.

Basic hygiene and cleanliness are also lacking.

The gap between different factions of society grows bigger every day.

People are not considered equal, based on their religious beliefs, on their societal status,´-or-on their gender. Not to mention sexual orientation, as anything other than heterosexuality is considered a crime punishable by torture and death.
Wealthy people have created false projects with false promises for regular people to "invest" their hard-earned money for a supposed better future. These turned out to be scams. With no justice system to be trusted, so many middle-class people lost all their savings. They had no one and no system in place to assist them, as the law of the jungle has reigned for so many decades.

This brings us to the issue of human rights in Egypt. There are no human rights in Egypt. Prisons are full of people who have committed no crime other than opposing´-or-standing up to evildoers who happen to be powerful people and who know powerful people in high government positions. High ranked government officials and religious leaders in Egypt have never justly paid for their wrongdoings and torture of powerless people.

25 million Coptic Christians live in Egypt with nearly no basic human rights. A lady named Soad Thabet lives in the governorate of Menya in upper Egypt. Three men broke into her home, beat her, and dragged her outside to the streets. They took her clothes off and dragged her in the streets with antichristian chants.

This was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses. The issue was brought to the courts. Following five years of playing the system, the attackers received a nonguilty verdict from the court, supposedly due to lack of evidence.

We are asking for this travesty to stop.

Every person should have the right to be treated fairly with respect and dignity.

No matter the religious beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color´-or-societal status, every person must have the right to equal treatment and to a fair justice system.

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