An Open Letter to Lana Zaki Nusaibah

Abdallah Marei
2020 / 12 / 20

Lana Zaki Nusaibah!
I am addressing you in English as I am sure by now you are too brainwashed to understand Arabic, which you seem to cast away like a snake changing skin.

You seem eloquent but eloquence without brains and self respect is not much of an achievement. Do you have any idea who you are´-or-where you come from?

You hail from one of the greatest families of Jerusalem. Your surname took after a Muslim heroine, Nusaibah Almazeneyya , a warrior who fought side to side with prophet Mohammad. The powerful woman, who fought for justice and proved to be an example for women, is failed today by a woman of her very own offspring.

Ever since your clan existed in Jerusalem, they have been the custodians of the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Since the times of Omar bin Alkhattab, your Sunni Muslim clan and great grandfather Obada bin Alsamet ensured the ruling of Jerusalem continues to be Muslim.

Your grandfather Anwar was buried within the holy space of Alaqsa Mosque and your father was the interpreter of Sheikh Zayed, who refused the occupation state and emphasized at every occasion that killing children, demolishing homes, sustaining racism, defiling holy spaces and uprooting trees reflect the barbarism of the occupation state.

Serving as a permanent representative to the UN on behalf of the UAE, you ended up abusing your position to the truth. You lied blatantly when suggesting Israel aims for peace when you must be informed it has failed to implement any UN resolution and violated all international laws so far.

You have defiled your clan, your name and the bravery of that woman, whose name you take after.

Let me ask you this, before you lit the Hanukkah candles in an official setting, did you think of the candles that were burnt in the very church your family was said to protect? Did you think of the candles settlers lit to burn Ali the baby boy?´-or-the candle they used to burn alive Abu Khdeir after dousing him in gasoline? Did it occur to you to think of the uncountable candles you put out to light ones of convenience?

Before you wished for peace and harmony to the Jewish community, did it occur to you to think of the Muslim and Christian communities suffering in the holy land where your grandfather was buried?

Before you decided to sell your soul to the devil, did you reflect if it would be worth it to bring shame to Palestinians at large?

Now what do you call a woman who would sell her soul for a seat at the UN? What would you call a woman who is afraid to speak the truth and exploits her position to thank war criminals and terrorists for their terrorism? What would you call a woman whose worth is a dozen of dimes? What do you call a woman who shames her otherwise honorable family name? What would you call a woman who reduces the heroism of women to a suit, a position and a hefty paycheck?

Suiting up, speaking a foreign tongue and occupying a UN seat do not buy respect. Have a look in a mirror! You are a shame to Palestine!

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