Reading in artworks of bertil sundstedt .. 1

Raid Shafeeq Tawfeeq
2020 / 5 / 9

Reading in artworks of bertil sundstedt .. 1
raid shafeeq tawfeeq
Three basic foundations are included in the artist’s mind to start the artwork to complete the deep dimensions of the mental image that he wants to communicate to the recipient Through artwork (bertil sundstedt) writes colorful stories and poems in his paintings reflect harmony, adaptation, awareness and a deep understanding to sensation depicted and reflects a reality for his artistic behavior that is-limit-ed to (selfknowledge , And the other , and the way to heaven) Through the map of colors and lines of feelings that were preceded by self-dialogues and intellectual appeals in various stories and mental images that the recipient can discover, feel and read, and if we look closely at the artist’s paintings (sundstedt) we can find prose and poetic texts drawn with pain and that chromatic lines and spaces is a language inside the language in tow visible and hidden meanings through the study of his works of art in terms of its components and characteristics and adoption of techniques of abstraction monolithic based expression more of the de---script---ion using bright´-or-dark colors according to the artists visions of each of these artworks, to narrate through him a case of life and its problems in a philosophical manner that reflects the personality of the artist´-or-some aspect of his personality , so that the artistic product of (sundstedt) and his use of colors reflects the scenes of his own life because they are emitted from real life , his works and the movement of his brush in the paintings are a testament to his culture and artistic maturity, all of that which reflects a dreamy, honest and creative vision that is closer to the Utopia concept that is mean, nowhere´-or-imaginary place, which are sublime ideas that go beyond the physical existence of the place and contain the goals and attributes of the age that are not achieved in the existing social system, and there are concepts that approximate the meaning that he wants, such as: the literature of the utopia and has the effect of transformation and idealism that performs the same purpose as a trend in social thought calling for equality Social among all people , The style of impressionist school can be observed in many works of (sundstedt), where the reduction and tenderness in structural construction and the absence of a lines that is compensated for by color contrasts that highlight shapes, colors and aesthetic values---;--- and there are works that have two aspects of perception they are : mental perception and perceptual, so The artist, like the poet looking for situations hidden from view, as he sees the joys of perfection and beauty in them Because ---convert---ing ideas and what is complete in the soul into lines and graphics is an innovative language that has its basics that do not need translation to decode, so everyone of them can understand it according to the joys and suffering that exist in his soul in addition to what the artist says with his brushes through his paintings,as music is a language for Achieve communication Cross-fertilization of cultures---;---The rhythmic coordination of the artist s works through what he exhibited can be understood as originating through objective knowledge of the artwork he presented in terms of symbolic and contemplative style in his subjects and techniques that he adopted, it is a sign of rational dealing In the implementation of his works so that it reflects that he is not chaotic in the implementation of these works but his interest is focused on the color, idea and unity of the subject in the paintings, and despite the fact that what I was able to see from his works indicates the mental awareness of the idea depicted by him and his sense of sensitivity and that he planned his artistic composition very carefully , but it was not successful in some of them and this is not a defect, for there is no human being who has reached the degree of perfection---;---then (sundstedt) as an artist he has another understanding of colors and distinguishing between them and the memory stock of them to lead the viewer to the meaning and expressive significance in the paintings by motivating the viewer to analyze the artwork that It prompts him to form the story´-or-idea that he sees from his personal perspective as a viewer, which is reading beyond the apparent artwork that is the focus of all these ideas and perceptions of (sundstedt), becuse he was like other artists, sees color as the axis of symbolism because people express what they feel in color, each according to their visions and perceptions that are enshrined in him as a result of the life reality of his society and which is reflected to him as a human behavior that produces meanings as birds tweet The artist resorted to the abstract depiction of the ideal idea, so is it a motive for selfÜescape from the confusing nightmare and violent reality?´-or-is it an optimistic tendency to achieve the desires lost internally and externally (sychological factors)?´-or-is it an optimistic tendency to achieve the desires lost internally and externally (sychological factors)?´-or-is it a fictional philosophical and frees from meaning of the present and a breakthrough in the shape and the meaning of the present rigid consumer with no change in it?, Color at (sundstedt) is a living presence that reflects sympathy and fraternity with its surroundings, where the colors go freely with a soft and gentle impression brush that creates movement with rhythms that interact with each other in a beautiful harmony, spirituality, imagination and meditation .. In the works of (sundstedt bertil) there are two attributes combined first : realism, as it transmits to us with his brushes the perceived reality and perspective and trangible in the Swedish environment rich in its subjects and heritage, a contemplative transfer that evokes the feelings of the recipient with calm sweetness according to the contexts of the realistic school of (Gustave Corby) , (sundstedt) used dyes and various materials of oil and acrylic in a free and spontaneous way, it reminds us of the work of some impressionist artists, such as Cezanne, who transformed mental perception into sensory perception when he departed from life contradictions towards him to impressionism´-or-to nature, that is, he receives aesthetic effects from the reality that turned him like the poet, color is a feeling where we find the lyric, poetic, fresh, and funky, soft touch of a brush, which is the second attribute. It is known that the main colors shatter when mixed with each other, and there are many ways to mix colors, reduce the their intensit , equalize and strengthen them,(Sundstedt) was aware and extensive knowledge of these color equations and their importance---;--- he is a professor and he has a scientific experience since the sixties of the twentieth century until today in a continuous communication line without interruption and he was not only aware of this fact , but was so careful in and accurate in dealing with it to faithfully convey as pictures of life reality that he feels, and as he is a plastic artist, he is a true mirror of his private life reality (his feelings, beliefs, philosophy) and it is a realistic reflection of his society, So he translated all of that in to his artistic works and crystallized them symbolically and expressively in color and themed of movement and their uses to be manifested in the form of paintings that express his cultural and human vision and his artistic and cognitive specificities and then all of this turned into a visual impact diving away in the idea of artistic work to reach the-limit-s of the maximum meanings of those ideas that crystallize Into artistic forms that draw the mind s ultra-deep images and thus becomes as a philosopher---;--- however, it deals with movement and color distribution that reflects the impact of time and the event in its interior and its phenomenon and its effect on the soul and body in a unique visual language that raises deep humanistic big questions such as .. Why is the artist always looking for the infinite? Is this looking for the infinite a propensity for eternity? but The difficult question is: has plastic art achieved popularity among all people,´-or-is it still restricted to those who are interested in it?

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