artist Magnus Lö-;-nn: Use the aesthetic symbol and meaning for multi-meaning speech

Raid Shafeeq Tawfeeq
2020 / 5 / 7

artist Magnus Lö-;---;--nn: Use the aesthetic symbol and meaning for multi-meaning speech
Raid Shafeeq Tawfeeq
Away from the (Corona) tsunami that did not succeed in cleansing the hearts of humans, as many of them are still trying to invest it in all ways to earn money although it can kill it, the death traders have invested this disaster to increase the effectiveness of this tsunami and achieve more profits at the expense of everything beautiful--;-- but life continues and It will not stop, it was, and will remain beautiful, full of hope and radiance on the day of joy soon, because despite the danger that threatens human lives, we now know that we will die some day , and this is an unavoidable fact, so we have to look at the bright side of this tsunami, which is the return of the planet to breathing and the decline of pollution. In most environmental terms, this means the next thing is that you will have a good environment that believes the continuation of life and that we have to take care of it through the harsh lesson of Corona virus that we have to understand in depth and one of its aspects is the necessity of cooperation between people to protect the environment, end wars and spread love
artist Magnus Lö-;---;--nn: Use the aesthetic symbol and meaning for multi-meaning speech
Raid Shafeeq Tawfeeq
In the post-modern period of art, the artist began discovering what he could do when art became a research place, so the artist created a new language for communication between the artist and social events. The critic (Pierre Restany) said about this: {{ he artist who rejects the old concept of the unique piece of art , so that the artist becomes more connected with society and abandons his mysterious role in which he plays the character of the artist producing the paintings sold by the merchant}}--;-- from this standpoint, the artist has removed the barriers between art branches so that the artwork becomes a field of rational meditation and a subject to question about art and its --function-- in society and the old idea changed Associated with ba For the work of the artwork, the artwork became a critic and a cultural stimulant, and the separations between the fields of plastic art were shifted, so the artwork turned into a review (audio, visual, and dynamic), so the methods multiplied and the aesthetic criteria overlapped and the renewal became a goal in itself, and one of the most important variables that occurred in the post-modern period is the change in standards Aesthetic inherited in plastic art Aesthetic standards are no longer going according to a fixed and specific standard prepared by critics as the only measure of art, so aesthetic standards have drawn their principles from the art itself, so there are standards (social, historical, civilizational and ethical) besides the standards The concept of the creative process itself has changed, and it has become like philosophy bounded by controversy and questions, and tomorrow the artist, like the philosopher, raises issues about the nature of art and its --function-- in society. From this concept, the artist s works (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) were like other forms of contemporary plastic art´-or-what is known as post-modernism. It is not based on references, foundations´-or-special technical techniques. Every work has its rules, style, and ideas that are different from the other work, even if they all belong to one --dir--ection and are closer to the abstract school than to expressiveness. They are artistic works that need in their taste a visual vision that is perceived. The difference in what was used in its production of materials, and we can attribute it to a kind of serious developmental art known as (collage)´-or-the art of assembly, which is an abstract art as it is an art that creates new forms from a previous complete form by assembling a clip and pasting a lot of materials together, and using a technique ( This collage has a fundamental impact on artistic works. These works are mocking the living reality and deal with some social problems that society mainly suffers from and criticize some of the negative aspects of contemporary life. Therefore, Lö-;---;--nn resorted to everything that serves his purpose to make a piece of art from the rest of the old garbage. This is due to its apparent properties in form and shape Color and texture without hiding its original identity, dealing with it affectionately. The apparent and the inner are two sides of one truth, where the visible image meets the hidden inner image, so that the person’s humanity is complete, so the apparent should be an inverted and expressive image of the subconscious, which is what is termed today by transparency and the subconscious is considered unique Hypocrisy´-or-hypocrisy, and in plastic arts, the apparent and the inner are offset by form and content. The form is the visible and perceived body. When we talk about an artistic work, we will find there is more than one form that meets with each other to create a visual meaning with meaning. The aesthetics, aesthetics, and visions of the artist are all leaking to the recipient, interacting with them and enjoying them. This is represented by a mental explanation of the artistic developments that create a balance between the artist s internal feeling and what he accomplishes by abstract forms passing through the colors, their consistency and contrast, and this is what he succeeded in achieving (Lö-;---;--nn) to a large extent.
Interest in the arts in general and plastic art in large part being a vital formative axis and main in art schools , It represents a large part of peoples ’lives, as it expresses the personality of the people to which the artist belongs, and artist (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) is one of the creative Swedish artists in plastic art that his artistic works were often closer to abstraction and as it is known about abstract art that it is an art that depends In performance on abstract forms and models that disassociate from the similarities of characters and visuals in their natural and realistic image and shows the artist s ability to depict the form he imagines, whether from reality´-or-imagination in a completely new form that may´-or-may not resemble the original form of the final work and one of the pioneers of abstract art is the international artist (Picasso), And abstract art It is the most difficult among the arts schools, as the Russian artist (Wassily Kandinsk) said : ((Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult, as it requires that you know how to paint well and have a strong sensitivity to composition and colors, and to be a true poet)) .. this The feature made the artist (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) distinguished in his artwork as he is a playwright and a cinematographer, so he feels and sees what he does not see others.
There are several doctrines of abstract art, such as engineering abstract art , gesture art and simple art , and Whether abstraction is comprehensive´-or-partial, it gives an indication of the content of the idea on which the artwork is based and it is not difficult to understand it despite the depthWhich is not difficult to understand despite the depth in it by expressing through concrete signs.
The artist (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) was distinguished by his abstract style´-or-what is known as the "collage" charged with creativity in expressing the issues and problems of society according to what he sees in the theatrical writer s style, which carefully --dir--ects the segments of society towards social problems, leaving them the freedom to choose appropriate solutions , and as a playwright, he used letters and words, tools, and its main axis are the pen and ideas to find the relationship between the letter and the word, drawing mental images as messages to the recipient relying on these simple materials and employing other materials which people neglect,using all of this to produce artistic works that indicate that the axis that forms Personalityis the culture mixed with knowledge rooted in the stages of life --;-- (Lö-;---;--nn) indicated this by taking up this aspect in his artistic works by depicting people as books,´-or-as a book its papers were removed,´-or-as a book in a cooking pot ... etc. using broad intellectual techniques with simple tools through which he created visual techniques that left deep mental images with simple performance But it is a varied creativity, as he depends on its artistic works on the simplicity of shapes, colors and gesture in making its impact as a kind of art that has a moral character, as this type of arts is far from accurately describing the reality of things´-or-their nature, as these artworks do not describe a specific being´-or-a place , What the beholder sees is a work of art composed of materials And the forms used in it and what it contains of special touches of the artist. At the same time, this artistic style is not an exaggerated art´-or-an art that alters the parameters of something like cubic art.
As a result of the development of aesthetic and artistic concepts in contemporary art, Magnus Lö-;---;--nn s works have shown that there are different concepts towards the use of materials that people neglect as basic means in their construction and he employed the formative capabilities of these materials to confirm his artistic ideas and expressive values,so the artist (Lö-;---;--nn) deals with reality My life is in a sarcastic manner, because every matter has a body that speaks in a special language about itself. This language is the soul that the artist seeks to employ in a way that explains his message to the audience and then allow it to be launched and flying through his work full of vitality and movement, which includes in its folds aspects of the ideas of which is pushes the viewer to search for a password to open its doors to show the picture´-or-form of art work in a --dir--ective and motivational form --;-- so that the viewer finds himself in front of the artist as he speaks to him through the mental image that he stimulated with respect for the medium which is the materials that the artist used, because the artwork will not be complete Without this conversational relationship between the recipient and the artist, this is the philosophy of this artist.
The artistic reference is diverse in artistic and plastic creativity at (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) In addition to this artistic reference, there is his visual reference that comes from being a theater author and he worked in cinematography and visual arts, lethality Net has visions and the dimensions of the play wide in addition to his talent as an artist, so I always try to have his rhythm theatrical and realistic, Vipetkr ways of art do do it in his choices aesthetic, Vistdeiha way unconscious when creating images abstract them in order to create his world parallel to the world of things presented in reality --;-- so that the viewer finds himself in front of the artist as he speaks to him through the mental image that he stimulated with respect for the medium which is the materials that the artist used, because the artwork will not be complete Without this conversational relationship between the recipient and the artist, this is the philosophy of this artist. The artistic reference is diverse in artistic and plastic creativity of Magnus Lö-;---;--nn. In addition to this artistic reference, there is his visual reference that comes from being a theater author and he worked in cinematography and visual arts. He has extensive theatrical visions and dimensions in addition to his talent as a plastic artist --;-- so he has broad theatrical vision anddimensions in addition to his talent as a plastic artist, he always tries to have a realistic theatrical rhythm for his artworks, creates artistic methods that perform his work in his aesthetic choices, and summons them in an fictional way when he creating abstract images in to create his world parallel to the world of things presented in reality.
(Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) has enormous energy for creativity, inspiration, aesthetic dialogue, and increased spiritual flow and visual gratification to strengthen the sense and belonging to his homeland Sweden--;-- that energy stimulates him to meditate and the ambitious spirit inside him reflected in the diversity that he accompanies his experience that he is build it carefully and aesthetic and intellectual awareness of the maturity of his works, and give it an emotional dimension that affects the recipient.
The target audience of (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) are children from seven years to fifteen in the first place, but the truth is that it targets all ages, especially adults, whose parents and teachers constitute a large percentage among them because they are in --dir--ect contact with this important and vital segment because they are the future , as the artwork has not same effect In all recipients because each work has its implications that evoke the imagination of the recipient and leads him to ask to open a wide field for analysis, interpretation and discovery, each according to his capabilities, experiences and culture, and thus the readings of the artwork differ in the diversity of visions and emotional interactions
(Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) adopted a method based on achieving harmony between the aesthetic of the symbol, the meaning, simplicity and diversification of artworks materials, all of these combined created a technical style of its own,so the letter was the main axis that he invested technically and dealt with in a way that made it a material that diversifies his artistic forms, as if he seeks to teach the recipient the importance The letter in forming the word and the importance of the word in refining ideas and meanings in a simplified manner that Live up to the level of children because he realized an important fact that is : ((To reach a level for a child, you must rise and rise with your thoughts to his level, not as most people see when they stress the importance of going down to the level of the child, and this is a very false vision because the child s imagination is so wide that it shaves him away from the complications of life and It transcends towards what most adults cannot perceive it, so it is necessary to rise and rise to their imaginations level in order to find common ground with them)) This fact is recognized by (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) and dealt with in this sense --;-- because children did not realize things in any abstract way of thinking and they do not have specific concepts of what is right´-or-wrong because they act spontaneously and deal with their surroundings with joy and simplicity, this is what prompted (Magnus Lö-;---;--nn) To dive into the depths of childhood and search in it , so his works liberate the symbol by diversifying the use of the letter geometrically In multiple formats and with the diversity of materials that he uses to harmonize with the idea he wants to communicate it in a simple way, Creating a state of surprise for the recipient lasts for a long time,Through the mental images that are formedin his mind when watching these artworks, It included most of the life activities and the merging of different technologies, which resulted in a product characterized by plastic art features and technical and material quality.
Lö-;---;--nn s artworks were characterized by an abstract tendency and boldness that came from his deep understanding of the properties of the materials that he works on, as we can see what we can call the expressive color rhythm by employing the colors of the materials that make up his works without adding to them, Perhaps because he sought to provide visual performance of different rhythms in terms of technique and style. And achieve harmony and adaptation --;-- in addition to the foregoing, Lö-;---;--nn s artworks come in an educational form thatEnhance understanding and determine the behavior Towards the human environment in general, which causes the recipient to research in the meaning and the intended effect and its nature, knowing that this behavior is optional´-or-obligatory according to the vision and understanding of the recipient, so it needs To adapt to these artworks, and then act with conviction and insight, that this type of artistic work is the development of abstract and sometimes drafting formulas that mix together monolithic techniques of abstraction in a style based on expression more than de--script--ion , so forming triangles and letters using materials that people neglect in its strong colors On which it defines engineering topics it defines geometric themes in which symbolism engages in strong philosophical visions that give it framed lines--;-- it is an automatic formulation in geometric forms that tell life and profess problems, suffering, responsibility, and strength, and in this way the artwork becomes a continuous dialogue with matter, color, shapes, and raw materials in endless its configurations that are closer to Abstraction from them to diagnosis and representation, which is also a dialogue of sense with thought and the tool to create an aesthetic discourse through the collaboration of various technical techniques , The artist (Lö-;---;--nn) has many artworks that fall within this artistic style and at the same time represent various changes in the structures of the form and the construction of the artwork in general as it is embodied in his artworks, and they are of high privacy that carried very diverse representations of his representations and largely expressed about His pursuit of continuous renewal and creativity, perhaps that makes us fascinated by the composition of letters to give reading different human dimension to the reality of words, so Lö-;---;--nn sought To invoke visual and aesthetic contexts from rich sources in it from the Swedish artistic legacy.
To --convert-- what has no value in people s lives to a language based on deciphering and the codes in order to achieve communication between the recipient and the artwork is a witness to the life practices that have been transformed by the artist (Lö-;---;--nn) and his vision into an artistic language with meaningful content, because the language he has risen to be a sign through the coding process--;-- Therefore, this orientation of the artist in adopting the formation of letters created artist s sense that led him to go through experiments that opened new paths for him, as this artist accomplished formations characterized by various artistic values, and to work on the formulation of aesthetic solutions that guarantee him the integration of the parts in the whole while investing what has no value in people s lives in creating an innovative proposition that raises Astonishment to achieve multi-meaning speech for all groups Of age and openness to many of the expressive dimensions of what looked like intertextuality production´-or-reading visual art form parallel to the general panel and inspired content in terms of dealing artistic form and content.
(Lö-;---;--nn) presented expanded the horizon of the audience Receiving circle in the in the Abstract expressive experience´-or-the irrational in contemporary plastic art , a shift that the artist focused on in a new employment of elements of form and content, including signs, icons, and indications involved in the process of creating a visual discourse based on the idea of hitting the relationship Connectivity between the signifier and the signified on the one hand and the displacement of the relationship of things with the surroundings to which it belongs on the other hand This style is unique to the artist (Lö-;---;--nn), as his artworks constitute the foundations of meaning in terms of existence, through the raw material he used, the action , movement, rhythm and form and Then he crystallized meanings and shadows of meanings that the recipient senses through his feelings and thoughts within the manifestations of the vocabulary of these works of art..
Lö-;---;--nn s artwork may seem to some to beAbsurd scribbles, traces, signs and redundant symbols meaningless , but it is in fact an expression of the essence of things, assets and events by encoding their multiple and changing meanings, characteristics and contents ,that achieves in its artistic achievement a transparency that expresses the facts, laws and regulations governing life, and presents problems and challenges, Lö-;---;--nn s paintings carve their title from the Swedish heritage mixed with Swedish nature as a community and environment in terms of serenity, purity and love., which are features and inspirations that can be felt through a spiritual and emotional reading, with an in-depth feeling of these artworks,
The vision penetrates into the content kingdom where meanings emanate from the abstract world to mind to reach openness to freedom of speech for more severe and more powerful expression explains the arsenal of meanings crowded scenes of life when this artist. to mind to reach openness to freedom of speech for more severe and more powerful expression explains the arsenal of meanings crowded scenes of life when this artist.

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