Woman is homeland .. warm home and embrace

Raid Shafeeq Tawfeeq
2020 / 3 / 9

On the occasion of International Women s Day and in honor of this wonderful creature I dedicate these humble words

Woman is homeland .. warm home and embrace
Raid shafeeq tawfeeq
There is no doubt that what was written about woman in research and analysis came on many aspects of her suffering, her human career and her pioneering role in building society in suffi-;-cient detail, but what was written about her in most are literary writings that did not come into actual implementation to change her reality, which was stipulated in the laws and religions that put woman are in the greatest and highest position. The majority of what the writings dealt with are ideas that have not been supplemented the reasons for their strength, despite the fact that the woman is an actual reality of life’s pictures in its colors , its challenges and its joys , and she was often a source of liberation uprisings, which infl-;-ame the events of the country and revolt with it , However, her share was to write a few writings time folds its pages on it , and does not rise except for the need to cite it for media and propaganda consumption, but not to be a beacon and a torch to illuminate the way for people , but rather to promote what the benefi-;-ciaries aim at using that and employing it to achieve their interests continuously in violation of woman s humanity rights . The time has come for woman to have the high status she deserve, especially when we are at the crossroads of history. History will Judge us unless a woman takes her place and her real role represented by being half of society, but more than that she is a mother, and she is suffi-;-cient for her to be proud and great, so today we have to work for a woman to obtain the status that deserves and silence the mouths that try to humiliate woman under the pretext of religion and the customs of society, and And provide the best opportunities her in managing wide areas of society in the modern state-;- therefore, the status of woman should not be-limit-ed to a few ceremonies here´-or-there that are not parallel to the least that this wonderful creature offers, if measured by what was expected of the politicians towards her, who are supposed to refl-;-ect their interest in woman by informing them of the conditions of nations and the cultures of peoples and new ideas. And broad knowledge based on the spirit of human principles, not from their rigid texts that some employ, with the benefi-;-ts that accrue to them to satisfy their instincts , tThe interest of most politicians, using everything related to woman to serve their political and electoral disputes, and their preoccupation with their Platonic rivalries and discussions, ignoring the issue of wn, which they should include in the priorities of state building, because there is no people and no country without woman .
O Man, teach your daughter that she is strong, that she is a homeland, housing and a warm hug , teach her not to be afraid of the future because she is a girl, teach her that she is the source of suffi-;-ciency and do not strain her with the banality of your community, let her go out and learn and travel as you traveled and live free as you lived, let her dream, plan and implement, if you do not help her, do not be hindrance, be her safety , teach her that everyone who says the opposite is a stupid of idiots.

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