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It is time for an Amazigh Federal Republic in Morocco

Ali Lahrouchi
2019 / 5 / 9

It is time for an Amazigh Federal Republic in Morocco

Some subsidized and fraudsters personnel, foundations and associations here from the Netherlands and sometimes the lies about the predator Mohammed 6 of Morocco spread that he is modern, and that Moroccan monarch remains popular, While demonstrating against liquidations, murders, arrests, shame trials, racist and crimes in Morocco.
The Moroccan people organize a demonstration everyday in different Moroccan cities and villages against the Moroccan dictatorial regime. Politicians have been imprisoned and innocent Moroccan fighters against injustice are trapped in prisons. The regime puts pressure on the media and journalists in Morocco not to reveal the truth. Otherwise their sites´-or-newspapers are banned. That happened to the forbidden journalists such as Ali Lamrabet, Ben Schemssi, Aboubaker El Jamaai, Zineb El Rhazoui, and Ali Ananzoula, and the arrests of El Mehdaoui and Taoufik Bouachrine. the dictatorial regime of Mohammed 6has assets of more than 2 billion dollars while more than 10 million Moroccans live on less than 1 dollar a day. Due to fraud, theft and illegal business, Mohamed 6 has becomesthe seventh richest head of state in the world.
How do the subsidized liars add that Mohammed 6 would bring reforms and lead his traditional country into the modern world? He leads his country with a religious status. He plays games with religion and through his secret police he appoints all judges, officials and so on.
What rights have women received from this dictator? There is still no persecution for men who rape underage girls. Judges still render verdicts that women should marry their rapists. How can you speak of the economic success of the Moroccan people when all the strings are in the hands of the dictator and his Mafia family? Privatization was only carried out to keep economic resources to themselves. This is clearly stated on the French book “Le roi prédateur”-;- the Predator King. It is written by two French journalists, Catherine Graciet and Eric Laurent.´-or-the French book “Journal d’un prince banni: Demain, le Maroc”, written by the nephew of the dictator Hichem El Alaoui, who lives in the US.
The new Moroccan Constitution is a dictatorial Constitution? Which the Moroccan people could only agree to? Black words were changed into it by slightly fewer black words, but the essence remai the same. The king is everything. Without him there is no life for Morocco. The Constitution makes Mohammed 6 saint, chief of justice, cabinet, parliament, police, army, gendarmerie, secret service, mayors, and prison -dir-ectors. All ministers, representatives of the people, civil servants, judges, journalists, political parties, trade -union-s, foundations and associations are the embodiment of the will of the king.
That is why the dictator is solely responsible for the abductions, shame trials, corruption, racism, abuse, fraud, abuse, crimes, arrests, and rapes of bottled prisoners. The dictator Mohammed6 arrest whoever he wants, free whoever he wants. He is also the client for the liquidation of his illegal (unrecognized) half brother Hichem El Mandari in Spain.
The illegal, Hicham El-Mandari, would die under suspicious circumstances. This time in Spain. He, too, had been closely associated with the Hassan II regime. El-Mandari was even known as the "special adviser" of Hassan II. When he was suspected of fraud and counterfeiting in 1999, he fled the country, reportedly with many checks, money and compromising documents. He had said, "If I were a criminal, I know a few more." El-Mandari knew all about the role of the mafia, the assassins, he knew everyone who mattered to the Alawites around the royal family. His life ended in a parking lot in the Spanish town of Mijas. He was then preparing an Al Jazeera-like international TV channel with which he wanted to fight the regime of Mohammed VI.
Have the subsidized liars ever read the conclusions from the reports of international foundations such as the Kennedy Foundation, journalists without borders and Amnesty International? that the different tribes in Morocco such as the Alawites and the idriseen still have a special priority identity cards, and not the same as those of the ordinary Moroccan people? And that many surnames still refer to the slavery time, because they were compulsory for slaves at the time, and they were not allowed to call themselves Sidi, Lalla´-or-Moulay?
Morocco has one of the richest king in the world. The personal assets of Mohammed VI are estimated by Forbes Magazine at 2 billion dollars, which makes him number seven on the list of richest heads of state. The king is crazy about fast and exclusive cars, loves jet skiing and golf, and likes to be dressed in very expensive suits. He also loves the American showbiz and is a welcome guest at the gay parties. In this way he is portrayed as modern, but rooted in traditions.
The subsidized liars spread that Morocco has stability from all sides. While the people used dictatorial pressure to remain stable. The Mafia of Alawites produces political Hollywood movies. Morocco is in reality dominated by a backward Islamic ideology. Ali Cherif, the founder of the Alaowites dynasty is buried in Rissani. (Rissani is a city in the south of Morocco, the last city before the desert.) On March 22, 1727, Meknes became the second sultan of Morocco from the Alaoui dynasty. The murderer Ismail ibn Sharif was the seventh son of Ali Cherif. He was initially governor of Meknes under his brother Rashid. When this unexpectedly died, he succeeded him. Ismail managed to consolidate the power of the Alawites. He restructured the army and expanded it with thousands of dedicated Sudanese slaves, known by the Abid al-Bukhari, and Arab warriors. With this army he could kill the rebellious Imazighen. He besieged Tangier, owned by the English, for five years, until the English withdrew from it in 1684. With less success, he besieged the Spanish Ceuta, which was relieved by Jean-François Bette. Ismail established diplomatic relations with the European powers and even made a marriage proposal to Marie Anne van Bourbon, daughter of Louis XIV. Marie Anne van Bourbon, Princess of Conti (Vincennes, 2 October 1666 - Paris, 3 May 1739) was an illegitimate daughter of King Louis XIV of France and his mistress Louise de La Vallière. At the age of thirteen, Marie Anne married Prince Lodewijk Armand I of Bourbon-Conti. She was born in secret at Vincennes Castle outside of Paris on October 2, 1666, and later Marie Anne was consideredher father s favorite daughter and she was also generally seen as the most beautiful daughter.
Meknes became the new capital. The city was built by captive slaves. Ismail had the reputation of being very bloodthirsty. The follow-up of Ismail was not properly arranged. At his death a civil war broke out among his many sons. The slaves of Al-Bukhari - Abid al-Bukhari - would determine who came to power.
The revolt of the Imazighen was necessary to free Morocco from the hands of the colonialism of the Alawites. Imazighenmake up the majority of the population, but theircountry is still dominated by the minority of slaves - Abid-Al-bukhari.
Morocco is dominated by an organized mafia in which the dictator king is the main boss. The dictator king is nourishedby terrorism, illegal smuggling and drugs.
Four political generations can be distinguished in today s Morocco. The first generation was from 1912 to 1959. This was the generation of an armed uprising against the French protectorate and against the Alawitian sultan who had asked the French to protect him, because without their help his empire would fall apart.
The second political generation began with the government of Abdullah Ibrahim in the first three years after independence in 1955. This government was established under Sultan Mohammed V on December 24, 1958 and remained until May 21, 1960. This second political generation had the weapons and compromised with Mohammed V, and his successor, Hassan II. But the sultan and his son had not laid down the weapons. They had liquidations carried out and arrest fighters. They also forged the elections. As a result, the influence of the former warriors became smaller and smaller, and the sultan and his son gained more and more power.
The third political generation was that from 1958 to 2002. This generation kept hoping for changes in the -dir-ection of democracy and human rights. They argued for a parliamentary kingdom in which the king no longer had power over parliament. Once they hoped to get the freedom to get rid of dictatorship. The last of this generation was Abderrahman El Youssoufi, the Prime Minister of Morocco of the 26th government, which lasted from March 14, 1998 to November 6, 2002. This was the so-called "government of alternation."
The fourth political generation is now in power. This started in 2002 and is a generation of arrivists, egoists, fraudsters, murderers, abusers, and slaves of the king.
The king must leave. We have tried to work with him in all sorts of ways. It is not enough if the king only gets a ritual role, as in other countries such as the Netherlands. He really has to leave, and also the circle around him, the Alawites who enslaved the Moroccans. That can only happen through a revolution. He will never leave on his own. Enough people must be convinced that the kingship is bad for Morocco. Only then will people take to the streets in mass, and a revolt will come. When the king is deposed, he will have to go to court to answer for everything he has done against the Moroccan people.
There is no place for a king in the modern Morocco. The king has manipulated the people forlongtime under the cover of Islam, by persuading people that he is descended from the prophet Mohammed, and with his self-proclaimed position as "commander of the faithful." Mohammed VI pretends to have historical legitimacy as a king. But he is only the third king. There is no historical tradition of kingship in Morocco at all. Before 1961 the power was exercised by a sultan. It was only then that France and its supporters established the kingship. Without the Moroccan people being asked anything.
The existing law in Morocco has no democratic legitimacy. An important part of Moroccan legislation has been introduced under the French protectorate. The decrees of the Alawatic dictators have been added. And then another part came about through the shame democracy of the fake parliament, which has nothing to say. So people have been put in prison in Morocco by laws that lack any democratic foundation.
So there is only one solution: A truly democratic Morocco must be built from scratch, without a king. A Federal Amazigh Republic must come. Each state within it must have a degree of self-government. Morocco has different regions with different dialects and different ambitions. A national president will have to be chosen from within the federations. For four´-or-eight years, and no longer-;- just like in countries suchas US. Each state must have its own parliament, and there must also be a central parliament.
It is very easy to implement. You can simply take over the law system from a democratic country like Switzerland. Human rights, respect for everyone, such values have long been established everywhere. People often pretend that it is very complicated to introduce such a legal renewal in Morocco. But that is only said to keep it from happening. Then you have to let the people choose what laws they want, with a democratically elected parliament. For example, the new law system requires high penalties for corruption and rape. This is hardly ever punished.
The new constitution must not only proclaim freedom of religion, but also the freedom to criticize religion. It is better to forbid Islam, but with diplomatic and political means. Otherwise a new dictatorship will arise. But you must urgently ban the Arabic language. It is a colonial language and the cause of our backwardness. Our native language is Berber. It is excellent if people also learn English,´-or-French´-or-German, because you have to know the civilzed world.´-or-suppose they decide in the Rif area to use Dutch as a second language-;- that would befine. The Berbers in southern Morocco have more connection with French culture. If they want French as a second language, fine. Every state within Morocco must be able to decide for itself.
There must of course be free media, where everyone must be able to say without fear what he´-or-she thinks. I am in favor of complete freedom of expression, with the exception of incitement to violence. Everyone must also be able to show freely how he´-or-she lives. In modern-day Morocco, people who eat on the street are jailed during Ramadan. But in the Amazigh Federal Republic people will just have to be able to eat and drink on TV during Ramadan. Now Some ethnic groups are invisible on Moroccan TV, such as the blacks, the descendants of the slaves. They cannot get higher positions in Morocco either. That must come to an end. And there must also be education about the slave past of Morocco.
Tunisia is heading in the right -dir-ection. But there are many obstacles that make it not nearly fast enough. The Muslims, the corruption, the influence of the French. There are also Berbers in Algeria who do not want to be Muslims, such as in Kabylia. It is a beautiful dream that North Africa will be united as one big Berber state. But only if this can happen in a democratic way. So that a whole of united federal states can growand becomethe United States of North Africa. But we are not there yet. And it should not be imposed either. It can only be done democratically.
The Berlin wall that Europe must protect is the Berber region of North Africa. But the Berbers must first wash away the ballast of Islam. Countries like Bulgaria´-or-Hungary´-or-Poland have freed themselves from communism, and so North Africa must be able to free itself from Islam. Now we are still far from that level. Researchers say that North Africa is 50 years behind Europe, but I think more than 200 years.
Western companies also need free access in the Amazigh Federal Republic in Morocco. But then there must be a real free market. Now France has made deals with the king of Morocco, which means that some French companies have a monopoly in Morocco. If Dutch companies want to set up something with, for example, milk production, that is not possible. China has already complained that there is no free market in Morocco.
Ali Lahrouchi

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