The Relationship Between Freudianism and Modern Day Jihadism

Mabrouk Mahammedi
2016 / 2 / 3

The Relationship Between Freudianism and Modern Day Jihadism
In very short, S. Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, talked, among other things, about sexual drive´-or-the libido as the driving force in relation to some of our behaviour. But how is this related to the concept of jihadism, you may ask.
Well, some of our Islamic clerics and preachers, often dictated to by their Western masters and think tanks exploited just this, namely freudianism, in the process of indoctrinating some seemingly sex-thirsty young Arabs and non-Arabs . The former came out with the most satanic ploys to excite and awaken the long dormant animal instincts and libido in some of those youths. In the early months of the Syrian crisis, for instance, they publicised and circulate far and wide the following citation, « Men lem yenkeh chamiya fa ked mata a3zaben » , meaning he who does not take a Syrian woman for a wife is doomed to die a single man.. The implication of this saying is self evident. The final objective of this rhetoric and propaganda was and still is aimed at shoring off a maximum number of jihadists for the declared purpose of bringing down the ‘Assad chi’a, Alaoui and infidel regime’.
Another ploy the warmonger preachers invented was the infamous Jihad Al Nikah. On the other hand, they promised potential jihadists the possibility of quenching their sexual thirst once in Syria´-or-Iraq through the captured Yazidi, Christian´-or-other fair haired beautiful women considered a war booty. In a word, and to call a spade a spade, the sheikhs, mostly from GCC countries, often allude to the golden opportunity of satisfying burning sexual desire at will in the war torn countries through the different forms of jihad and out of wedlock, in a way that is allegedly halal and accepted by Allah and his prophet. in addition to Allah’s reward in the hereafter in case a jihadist dies a martyr in the battlefield. Obviously the promised reward for the ‘brave deceased knight knight of Islam’ consists in no more and no less than the certainty of his having access to holy rivers of wine and and an army of ‘hor el 3eyn’´-or-beautiful angels within his reach. What is worth mentioning here is that no word is said concerning the reward for the female jihadis and those women flocking into Syria who take an active part in Jihad al nikah.
To conclude, the above hypothesis that some Islamic preachers exploited and made use extensively of freudianism cannot be completely discarded. I am of Arab origin and live in an Arab country and, more importantly, have a first hand experience of the matter.

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