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The earth is like an old carrion that generates the winds in order to chatter about a storm! Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 12 / 4 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The divine vision serves to build the perfectly individual human work which breaks up the debris of the age of a common history like a prostitute. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 12 / 3 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Terrorism is an illegitimate child stems from the crossbreeding of a political prostitute and a religious leader! Mafia . Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 26 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Jews did an about-face by entering the crime against humanity after having left the dramatic art, -dir-ector of the perfect crime! Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 25 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The lie of the sects is but a thundering hymn to consensual death swallowed up in the abyss of premeditated sin. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 23 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
In the light Jesus Christ was crucified in order to subscribe to the divine act of the Resurrection-;- in the abyss of darkness the sects have arranged the scene of His crucifixion in order to cry victory!!! Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 17 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The act of Jesus Christ of not condemning the adulterous woman subscribes to her will to repent. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 16 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The hate speech of Jewish leaders reflects a somatic mutation of the Spirit at a grave. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 11 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Divine Thought of Jesus Christ is part of a Celestial Approach making humanity a substantial value which can hardly be transformed into a quantitative value! Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 10 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Teachings of Jesus the Christ reach the pinnacle of sagacity making the Heart of the Apostles the Living Tabernacle of God. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 6 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Jesus the Christ embodies Religion when sects cultivate idolatry. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 11 / 5 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The teachings of Christ Jesus are the well of Knowledge well disinfected against the epidemic of fatalistic drowning of notions in the murky waters of sectarian confusion. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 30 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Word of God is the Bread of Life that nourishes the Apostles, shaping their assured existence and making them the rightful heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 28 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The branded Miracle Performed through Christ Jesus While Walking on Water Guarantees divine safeguards to the Humanity. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 13 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Then the Word incarnate through Christ Jesus shows up the Truth in a particularly Divine Light since the Miracle of the feed of five thousand. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 10 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Christ Jesus is the holder of the keys to the divine Power of the Father, these keys include the Sealing Power to bind and seal on earth what has been decided in Heaven. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 5 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
By performing the Miracle of healing invalids, Christ Jesus confirms His Divinity. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 25 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Faith in Christ Jesus saves His Apostles from a fallen and rotten world. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 18 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Rich Harvest of the Resurrection is the fulfilment of the Word of God. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 15 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Christ Jesus, the Rabbi, taught the Samaritan woman through the act of dialogue the founding principles of Christianity . Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 11 Secularism, religion, political Islam 


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