A pleasant surprise .. STI-1499, a strong antibody to SARS-CoV-2 that has the potential to completely inhibit infection with the infectious virus

Mohamed Ibrahim Bassyouni

2020 / 5 / 18

An antibody to STI-1499 in preclinical trials showed 100% inhibition of SARS-2 infection in healthy cells four days after incubation and at a very low concentration. It has the ability to bind to the S1 subunit of CoV-2 Spike protein and complete blockade of its interaction with ACE2 receptors on cells in the human body.
A study aimed at producing an antibody product that acts as a "protective shield" against coronavirus infection (SARS-CoV-2) was recently announced and remains effective even if virus mutations make a single antibody treatment less effective over time.

Among the antibodies that exhibit antiviral activity, one antibody was distinguished by its ability to completely block SARS-CoV-2 infection for healthy cells in experiments. STI-1499 deactivated the infection with the virus with a very low dose of antibody, making it a major candidate for further testing and development. Initial biochemical and biophysical analyzes also indicate that STI-1499 is a potent antibody filter.

In a pleasant surprise and a promising medical opening, a California biopharmaceutical company announced that it had discovered an antibody that could protect the human body from the Corona virus and expel it from the human body system within four days.
San Diego-based Sorrento Therapeutics will announce its discovery of the STI-1499 antibody, indicating that it could provide a 100 percent depression to Covid 19, adding that there could be treatment available months before the vaccine reaches the market.
You may not need social distance, and you can socialize without fear again.
The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are striving to develop valid vaccines and antibody treatments, and many medical researchers are scrambling to find antibodies, optimistic that they can provide a drug´-or-preventive care in less time than it takes to develop a vaccine. Antibody treatments have been used over the past 100 years as a way to avoid infection, but their effectiveness has had mixed results. Finding a successful antibody´-or-convalescent plasma treatment for COVID-19 can be challenging.
Doctors take blood plasma from patients who recover from corona and inject it into patients who are critically ill because the plasma is full of antibodies, and this approach is medically optimistic, but the barrier is not enough plasma from recovering patients.
Some medical experts believe that although antibody research is promising, there are concerns about how long the effects may last in fighting the virus in an infected patient.

In general, antibodies have been very effective in lowering virus levels but if you have a large burden of infection. There are restrictions on how much you can offer and for how long.
Company officials believe they have found a key to a successful treatment.
During further tests, the researchers found that a particular antibody has been shown to be 100 percent effective in preventing the virus from infecting healthy cells - STI-1499. When the antibody prevents the virus from entering a human cell, the virus cannot escape the immune system of the human body.
This antibody can be used as a preventive treatment because there are no side effects, and it can be more effective than any vaccine that can be developed.
Company officials are looking to develop the antibody as a standalone treatment because of its high efficacy, and they said they can save up to 200,000 doses per month and target the production of tens of millions more to meet expected demands.
The development of antibody treatments may be more effective in fighting the Corona virus quickly. While vaccine treatment can take up to 18 months, he added, effective antibody therapy can become available in much less time and with a much higher success rate. He noted the need for quick approval from the Food and Drug Administration to make antibody treatment available within months.
Once the injection is complete, this patient will be immune to the disease, as long as the antibody is present in his body system. So, if approved by the Food and Drug Administration, everyone who gets this antibody can return to work and not be afraid of Covid-19.

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