Warnings about the return of Daesh !!

Jalal Alasady

2019 / 8 / 11

Daesh continues to pose a threat to Iraq and Syria as well , where the organization has been able to regain its activity in some areas, especially in the regions of Al-Jazeera and Badia, taking advantage of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and the fluctuation of the American position . In addition to , the lack of coordination in positions between America and Russia in Syria , and the inability of local armies to perpetuate the offensive momentum of Daesh because of the weak potentialities . These factors have helped the organization to regenerate again without at least a serious threat up to now . Most important of all, Daesh was not eliminated completely , neither from Iraq nor from Syria , but was expelled from its control areas in both countries . In fact , no one of the leaders of the first, second and even the third ranks were arrested . Their forces were about 50000 fighters , only 10000 were killed and the rest still exist . Of course some fled the area to unknown locations but this does not preclude their presence in the region and in numbers that pose a real danger. In Iraq Daesh relies on its ing cells to carry out assassinations and chaos and confusion in the country . Although a new report issued from the US Defense confirmed that the group has strengthened its armed capabilities in Iraq and restructuring its ranks in Iraq faster than in Syria , Iraqi Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yarallah said that Daesh will not be able to return to Iraq despite its attempts here and there and Iraqi forces seek to secure the Iraqi-Syrian borders to avoid the infiltration of terrorists into Iraq. Some residents in Mosul expressed their fears of Daesh returning to the province and asked the government to do more to prevent it . So with the support of coalition air fighter jets, Iraqi forces on Sunday (July 21st) conducted a series of security operations to search areas in northern and central Iraq for the remnants of Daesh .The operations resulted in the killing and arresting of 15 members , in addition to the destruction of many terrorist targets. Some security experts said joint Iraqi forces from the Nineveh Operations Command and tribes conducted sweeps in the Nineveh desert based on intelligence reports indicating the activities of Daesh ing cells there . In conclusion, there seems to be no close end to these -dir-ty works to let people live peacefully .

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