A letter to Mrs. Merkel

Abdelgawad Sayed

2019 / 8 / 4

A letter to Mrs. Merkel
Dear Mrs. Merkel
I am writing to you to express my disappointment at your coalition refusal to send German troops to Syria, to assist filling the vacuum of the American retreat, prevent Isis return , and help reaching fair and comprehensive political settlement there , not the one imposed by Russia and its allies , and again your government refusal to participate in protecting navigation in Hormuz strait.
As you know , the Syrian gap is not just a political and humanitarian crisis, it is a civilizational challenge , that may swallow your reality , and swallow our dream, our dream in a modern national state and regional integration after your EU model, it is the point from which , the clash of civilizations has practically started, with Mr. Putin declaring the end of western democracy, and Hormuz strait too, is another challenge in the same context.
We, in the Middle East, mainly the liberals, have always looked on Europe, historically and presently , as the model to follow in our struggle for freedom from the dictatorial heritage of our region , we loved your literature, believed in your philosophy, enlightenment and democracy , and we saw your EU as the culmination of human history, but today we feel frustrated when we see you , hesitating , conflicting and looking absent among regional and international actors, with no clear position except diplomacy, even when you are yourselves threatened.
We refuse to see our banner fall , and our model collapse, so we really wish that before finishing your glorious political career, you can make some significant change in German and EU foreign policy , pushing , along with great France, Europe to play more active role in the Middle East and in all International affairs, which is not possible by depending only on soft power , but inevitably , by depending on hard power also. Peace and democracy cannot survive the ongoing regional and international clashes , unless by the help of arms.
Best Regards
Abdelgawad Sayed

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