The Gulf Crisis

Jalal Alasady

2019 / 7 / 31

ūThe crisis between US and Iran broke out immediately after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 when the new revolutionary Iranian leaders declared their enemity towards US and Israel as well. Iran alleged as an anti imperialist power . The revolutionary momentum encouraged the Iranian students to attack the American embessy in Tihran which ended with cutting diplomatic ties .Then Opening an embessy for P.L.O. deepened the gap of enemity between Iran from one side and US and Israel from another one . "The struggle is not that of the US and Iran but the entire world of disbelief and the world of Islam ", Khomeini said . So , Iran s stated doctrine of exporting the revolution worldwide generated many radical movements in Afganistan ,lebanon , Iraq ... etc. . Iranians hold alliances with these movements besides Syria and Hamas -;- they call it rejectionists axis that seeks to oppose perceived imperialism and Israel in the M.E. On the other hand , some countries specially the Gulf ones have sizable SHIA S population which gave the Iranians the pretext to intervene in their internal affairs which caused turmoil specially in Bahrain .After the devestating Iraq - Iran war , the latter exerted to become a nuclear power and to develpe their misile capability -;- seemingly they made some progress in a sensitive , burning and troubled region . US and Europe believed that Iran becomes seriously dangerous -;- lest it would build a nuclear bomb , they call it for negociations which lasted about ten years that ended with a historical achievement as the Iranians said .The deal Trump withdrew from last year considering it as catastrophy . Consequently , He imposed more strict sanctions which raised the inflation to higher levels and left devestating consequences on the Iranian revenue . Trump said America doesn t want war neither does it intend to overthrow the Iranian regime but to force it change its behaviour . Then , the revolutionary guard downfell an American drone which excited US and was about to retaliate by striking certain targets in Iran but Trump abolished it in the last minutes . Furthermore , Iran continued breaching , as the Americans say , the-limit-s on uranium enrichment levels set by a nuclear deal . Now the region is on the brick of a devestating war . We look forward to peace and stability to prevail .
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