Welcome Introduction on behalf of Mouminoun without Boarders

Hussain Shaban

2019 / 6 / 3

Welcome Introduction on behalf of Mouminoun without Boarders
by Dr. Hussain Shaban
Ladies and gentleman, dear friends and colleagues, good morning.
On behalf of Mominoun without Borders for Studies and Research, I would like to thank you for coming today to our conference and participating in our seminar about Sources of Democracy (citizenship, social cohesion and ethical values).
The topic we will talk about today is very important because it will debate both past and present issues within democracy. It is imperative to look back in order to look forward, which opens the door for the research towards fixing the problems and problematic aspects of democracy and populism both in the West and the Arab region. We must create a new government, which will be a post-democracy state.
We hope that this discussion and dialogue will be very academic, rich and deep to face the new challenges of democracy which is one of the aims of our foundation.
Thank you
Dr H Shaban

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