its my life

Nadia Khaloof

2019 / 1 / 19

I went early to the forest
I tried to breathe the morning breeze
I ran, and sank into dreams
I cried, the forest trees cried with me
The wind dried our tears

The wind spoke to me
I can carry you to a far place
I make you like a cloud
Cloud becomes rain
The rain falls on the fields

I turned my back to the wind
II ran opposite -dir-ection
A monster appeared in front of me
I did not fear him
I knew him from his eyes
I hugged him.
He told me about great love
I trusted him.

I thought I was a beautiful woman
We are now living a love story
In the beautiful monster s den
Our lives are not as you think
We subject to the law of the jungle
There is nothing wrong . . . We have our law
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