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2015 / 9 / 4

People across the world will be taking a moment of prayer´-or-silence to remember Aylan Kurdi, his brother, his mother and other refugees who have lost their lives attempting to reach Europe.


Minutes of silence´-or-prayer to be held worldwide to honour the victims of the humanitarian tragedy unfolding on the shores of Europe and elsewhere. Those paying their respects will be thinking particularly of Aylan Kurdi, his brother Galip Kurdi, their mother Rehan Kurdi and their loved-ones.

Time: 4 September 2015 at

10 PM Kobane time

DI Media Committee said the decision to organise a moment of silence´-or-prayer was taken after requests poured in to DI President, Dr Widad Akrawi, on twitter and other social networks.

Poem entitled “In memory of Aylan Kurdi” by Mr. Gal Kleinman, DI supporter and co-founder of Education for Global Peace

Let us take a moment to mourn the death of a little boy named Aylan

What can be said
Words disappear as pain and grief take hold
Tears come rushing and there is no solace

What has become of us
We have become blind to the fact that Aylan was our son
Millions of children and youth across the world who suffer unspeakable injustices are all our children
Until we realize this there will be no peace

We never knew Aylan
So why do we cry?
Because he is part of us
Part of us that died

Dear Aylan

Wherever you are
Have no doubt
Like the sun
We will rise
To reclaim our humanity

In loving peace


Emotional Statement by Mr. Zar Ali khan Afridi, DI representative in Pakistan and executive -dir-ector of Society for Rights and Development

Aylan my sweet child. You are not dead. You are ing. You have gone to heaven. My God when I look at you my own son who is of same age just comes and stands before me. I have same sentiments for your brother who is not seen here but I have same feeling for him too. Your Mom who is also no more with you here but she is with you both in heaven I have same sentiments for her as well. Today all day long and to night I have lost no moment to forget what happened with you. You made me speechless like million of people. I am unable to share your picture of with my wife´-or-child who is of your same age. I am sure my wife will be half dead if she sees you. My child more and more. Your is a slap on the face of humanity in general and so called Arab and Muslim Ummah if any in particular. I can not do any thing more except shedding few tears for you all three. Pl accept my flowers wreath for you and your brother and sweet Mom. The more I see you the more I lose my heart.

Child we as adult human beings are very much ashamed before you for not protecting you. You’re lying in such an innocent posture does ask us question which we are unable to answer. My toddler you better go to heaven to be sheltered from brutalities of the terrorists.


The two boys: Aylan Kurdi (three-year-old) and Galip Kurdi (five-year-old) were refugees from Kobane trying to resettle in Canada. When their family lost hope of a new life in Vancouver, they attempted to reach the Greek island of Kos. Their journey ended when their boat overturned due to high waves, leaving their lifeless bodies along with that of their mother Rehan and those of eight other refugees washed up on a Turkish beach of the Bodrum peninsula Wednesday. Their father survived and his only wish now is to return to Kobane with his dead wife and children to bury them.

This family’s tragedy encapsulates the challenges refugees are facing to flee armed conflicts in their countries. According to the UN refugee agency, Wednesday’s dead were part of a grim toll of nearly 2,500 people who have died this summer attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. It is estimated that around 205,000 refugees have entered Greece this year alone.

Key Messages on behalf of Defend International

DI President, Dr. Widad Akrawi, today expressed condolences on behalf of Defend International to the families and friends of victims. Dr. Akrawi stated: “Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the families and friends of those who have died and all refugees and their loved ones. Our thoughts are with them as they mourn the passing of those they loved.” Dr. Akrawi thanked volunteers and humanitarian workers worldwide for their outstanding efforts in aiding desperate refugees. She called on the international community to share equitably the responsibility for protecting, assisting and hosting refugees in accordance with principles of international solidarity and human rights.


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