The self-perception and another s perception about the Syrian military services

zardasht qadi

2011 / 9 / 20

:The self-perception and anothers perception about the Syrian military services
What is really known about the Kurdish soldiers in Syrian army , they are more obedient and honest from the others , trying to having a great ability in some skills like sport , the Equipment military lessons - such like disassembling the Gun or Pistol and then assembling its directly in a high record , achieving directly goals in shooting , and keeping himself to be waking up in the times their guard , especially in the night , ready to be hard , carrying the summer penalties , and the cold of winter every day without sleeping , just to refuse , to be a servant , whether for making tea , café , or to be intelligencer against his friends .
Then , such these qualities could be really problems for their Arabic friends a , while in one side the Kurdish soldier tried to be the best ,as to save himself from the penalty , as long as to get reward for a few days , just to see his parents , but in other side he had created a sensitive s situation without aware what he did , for the others-perception, especially they have prior thoughts , so who directly accusing him that he has had the Guns and Pistol before.
There is unbelievably sensitive s toward the Kurdish soldiers when they speaks with each other s the mothers language , in this case some soldiers , without being aware , what they had spoken about , they are loathing him , and tray to send something unreal to his Commander.
On 9th of October 2010, and suddenly the Family of Mohammed Sheikho had received a massage from the Syrian security that their son s had suicide himself during his military services , in the coastal city of Latakia , actually their son was as a Conscript soldier in that sensitive area , and the whole of "Tal Hassel Village , which location the east of Aleppo, had surprised for his death .
And always the claims of the Syrian official authorities are that such kind of this killing are suicides , without conducting any formal investigations, such like testing his body by the forensic doctors , or even disclosure the body by his family , whereas the parents concerning s are that their son s murdered under the horrible torture , cause the signs that had appeared around the Bodies when they detects them .
Actually , in some cases the Syrian intelligence prompted to prevent people from disclosing for their sons of bodies , while they assembly prevented during the" Burial " or even from the "Funeral " in other cases , therefore what had discovered from the Stubborn mothers was certainly terrible , so like these logical facts are clearly led us to believe that whom , as innocent victims, had exposed to the distortions , and the impact tortures , in the moment of revenge.
What had heard from Mohammed Sheikho family was that theirs son had dead for the effects of fourteen shot of ammunition , which was denied the suicide case , but had insisted by his family that he was deliberately killed , that was said during his buried cermony .
According to the Human Rights Watch reports we realized that" Mahmud Sheikho" ,as a Kurdish Conscript, are the eight cases , which recorded through the incidents of mystery murder for the Kurdish soldiers until the date of his death , while they was in their military service compulsorily in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army , that was after the death of Conscript Mustafa Abdo" as a Sergeant during his performing military service mandatory in the Syrian Army .
On 22th of august 2010 the people of Al-Maliki city – the Hasaka Province they horribly surprised for " Shiar Osman " killing , as a Kurdish Conscript during his services in the" Khan Al-sheih " as a military zoon location south of Damascus , at the Quneitra road , like this area , according to Syrian securities of delegation s, are really dangerous for the Israeli existing , " Khan Al-sheih " as it known , have a fertile and arable lands for Agriculture , the Kurdish Conscript had been sending by their General to steal the Crops return to the innocent Arab people ,like garlic, onions , different kinds of fruit , and Honey Apiaries , …..etc , whenever the Kurdish soldiers who refused his Commander orders should punished in the midst of night until the morning .
So the United Nations Committee , who are Against the Torture , had expressed in many meetings for the killing of Kurdish soldiers , in a mysterious circumstances during their military service existence.
The tragedy story about the Kurdish soldiers killing s in the Syrian Army really began after the Qamishly Events , on 12-13 of March 2004 ,
As a matter of fact this Phenomenon has become a horror movie for the families which have sons in military services , specially they are supposing , that their soldiers should be in the safe place , in the stat of absence war with Israel.
In any case the Kurdish Syrian parties had been discussing such this case in their meetings , and they have a legal perception s probably will be a dangerous stat today , and developing to a political method , specially the Syrian military of security had never investigated for the forty-two Kurdish victims since Mars 2004 .
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