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The future of women. With genetics

Salah El Din Mohssein
2010 / 3 / 21

Control theory in the specification
And the characteristics and capabilities of objects by the genome - genetic engineering - is the theory and one each objects. As in vegetables and fruits. As well as in insects and in birds, and in animals. Are also in humans

Tree "Jawavia" garden Bmscunnina. I am in the prime of life .. Were put to the unusually twice a year - summer and winter -! Although Jawavia. Summer fruit. It was bearing fruit while the rain coming down in the winter!. Jin said of the gene. If passed down to another tree. To become like raised twice a year instead of once. If we abolish the work of this gene. To become a tree and put to one whole tree Jawavia.

There are trees bear fruit once every two years and not every year .. Jin said .. Can transfer his property to another tree, and the normal gene could be replaced for the rest of the trees ..

Female rabbit. An animal give birth to small number of rabbits, and consistently. Rights and female usually gives birth to a baby and only one tire very birth. And often die in childbirth. While the female rabbit and without health care, without doctors. Give birth to many, many times a year do not die of the situation - he Jin, can be transferred Boukasith, and can be changed by a different gene characteristics

Engineered genes could control the shape and color of fruits and Alkhaddrau:
Watermelon cube-shaped instead of round, (I ate watermelon yellow color. When I saw him for the first time in Montreal two years ago, or three).
Yellow tomatoes, cauliflower yellow, and the Bembe color - I bought and ate the latter type. Albimbi - .. All of this update to control gene

What about women .. On the occasion of Eid women???
Women - Female Rights - suffer many of their femininity and Nssuytha. That brings forth the injustice and misery, especially the third world. And the world in general.
What that could benefit by modern science - metallurgy genome. Or genes -?
The problems of women in general. - Country-especially in the Middle East, Arab and Almaourb Almwslm. Are:
1 - monthly menstrual cycle. Accompanied by pain .. The period of fertility and portability then throughout the month. And one month after the month .. Pain and blood and the risk of pregnancy. Often not be desirable
2 - hymen. Is when those people concluded, the purity of innocence ..
The hymen may cause the loss of reason that is beyond the control of women in the murder after being accused of abandoning her honor known as the indigenous peoples. With the knowledge that there is a type of rubber as it is known scientifically, but not torn apart with the birth ..
3 - Exposure of rape and pregnancy without wishing to pregnancy. Women bear alone in most cases the responsibility. When a criminal people. Weight. The sentence of flogging or stoning, killing or killed together with the parents Honor honor. Note that the length of time to prepare for fertilization and pregnancy. Unnecessary and dangerous to women as we have the possibility of a permanent work of non-grata
4 - Circumcision .. Which would be different about the importance for women. Even when the men of the religions that poke its nose in it and do not understand is the prerogative of medicine and doctors alone.
Some Eastern countries Almaourbp. Issued a law prohibiting female genital mutilation - like Egypt -. But the process is still ongoing. As we have said for being different from the clergy. As well as custom, which has become a firm view of the length of stay ..
Egyptian doctor was on vacation from her job in Saudi Arabia, knows that the law prohibits female genital mutilation. Given the fanaticism of religion - the judge to hold the doctrine of circumcision - more than fanaticism of medical science which I studied and taken eke out a career of it. Has quickly - in secret - to hold several hundreds of female genital mutilation banned and criminalized,. And, of course, has earned a high-paid exceptional. Double. And fled back to work in Saudi Arabia. Believing that in addition to the earned money, had a religious duty heroic. Will be added to the balance of advantages ..(!) the Day of Resurrection.

Before the invention of contraceptives. Women were poor. Powerless to prevent reproduction. Reproduce all the animals as either willingly or unwillingly .. Making it weak and exhausted most of her life. Are unable to compete ably with the Adamic man. In most cases. Not estimated, but to rely on him. States are lagging behind. In the upkeep and provision of summits and all the clothes and accessories. Which makes its position when the man Kmkanp current or servers. As the one who Itahma. Do you spend most of their lives in pregnancy and labor, childbirth and raising a large number of children ..
In modern times in our country and the Middle East. The inability of more than one system of governance systems that claim to the progressive and revolutionary. To stop the so-called honor killings. Against women. The only women without men who Harkohn in the act.

All those problems and tragedies are exposed and borne by a woman because she is a woman. And the laws of natural and non-intelligent. And a tyrant. It is now possible to control and modify under the modern science - genetic engineering -.

It was possible to draw many fruits and vegetables without seeds. Without a change in the characteristics of this species
Must also be activated without having a girls hymen. Without any side effects that may flow from the supposed so.
And can give birth to girls do not need them to circumcision

Just as there are some types of fruit yield once every two years.
Can also give birth to women who do not Totihn session only every two years, or every three or five years only
The shortening of the duration of women suffering as a result of exposure to risk of pregnancy does not want it. Be confined to the lifetime of the egg to 3 days only every two or three or - as we prefer: every five years. In these three days only be woman s ability to carry open. And after the pregnancy. To live in safety
And can adjust the age of Blog - menstruation - from the age of 25. Mutilation. Order to be in full physical and psychological maturity and in terms of life experience and the ability to carry Almssoulip.
On the basis that the egg will not consist only every five years. The willingness of women to pregnancy and childbirth comes only 3 times in life: In the age of 25, 30, 35.
And can be modified stop childbearing age in women to be at 35 years. Instead of 45 years
All these software are very possible by the science of genetic engineering - as this science is actually done by the other organisms. Theory. As we have said. One does not differ from one object to another

And can reduce the gestation period of 9 months to 3 months only. - It s just a matter of genetic programming. Modified -. There are females of other objects - as mentioned - pregnant and giving birth is bigger than the number of pregnant and giving birth women. In the quarter-time that women need - just genetic programming -.
All this will help women to control pregnancy pregnancy or not - leave of absence from work. Or complete rest 3 days only every five years. Three days is the period of readiness to fertilize. Once the end of the day. Find themselves in safety for a period of five years. Without the monthly torment. Bear no desire without any error. Can not find itself forced to abort, which has the worst impact on their health.

This will help women also to be a match for the man. Closer and better able to equal him in everything
On the other hand. This system will address the risk to the population explosion. , Most of the pregnancy and childbearing be without the woman s wishes and against her will. Especially the country s poor. The mere inability to buy a way to prevent pregnancy. No matter how cheap. Factor to poverty. Frequently results in pregnancy and childbearing. Since the woman s ability to fertilize their status Albiejowsiologi present. Open continuously. And the need for the exercise of citizenship is men do not stop

News and scientific follows. Will show us. To any extent of capacity. Flag of Engineering arrived genome. How to know that all what we have is not illusory. But has isnaads scientific, which is subject of investigation:

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) ((known to be vector mosquitoes of malaria, but the plane that the insect could become a "disease and the cure" for the disease that kills millions, after Japan s scientists developed a genetically modified a mosquito to become the carrier of the vaccine processor)).
Saturday, 20 March 2010, last updated 13:41 (GMT +0400)
Perhaps not now but to keep the movements and organizations and international women s personalities. Discuss it seriously with scientists to activate it. And the issuance of international legislation
The United Nations. Committed by States. Reform and development of gene femininity of women.

Dear unfortunate human beings: The tidings there comes Genome
As well as women and mother of the anniversary, we say: Happy Eid. And tomorrow s happiest

Montreal: morning March 21, 2010
a note : this article translated from arabic to english . by : google s tools .
it s published in arabic at :http://www.ahewar.org/debat/show.art.asp?t=0&userID=815&aid=208495

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