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the lost dreams

abdsalam nouisel
2008 / 10 / 7

Basically,everyone has a dream and everyone longs to achieve that dream and be someone.but dreams are different from one person to another because people have different ages.according to my experience in the primary school,teachers always try to ask pupils a question which seems weired to them.`what do you want to be in the future?` is the question which pupils should answer in the frist and second grade of the primary school.fortunately,they answer that question even they don`t know more about it,they just hear their parents or relatives talking about child`s future jobs.each of which wants to be a
doctor,engineer,policeman and so on.in this context,we realize that children have dreams and want to achieve them as adults and elders do.but still,sometimes they can`t go on working on fulfilling their dreams because they are stuck in the middle of the way as the car which breaks down in the middle of the desert.the obstacles and hinderances come out suddenly and screw up their lives.one of the worst obstacles is parents,who make troubles to their children and don`t pave the way for them.but there are many reasons behind this issue,namely poverty,misunderstanding between parents and to name but these.when it comes to poverty,parents stop encouraging their children to go to school and push them through working to help them in daily expenses.so,the children don`t know what is the matter with their parents.actually,the parents negatively control the life of their children and force them to make everything on their own no matter what circumstances are.but when a child doesn`t find who can help and guide him he chooses to stay out of home and be therefore a streetboy.because he knows that he can`t manage it alone while he lucks experiences and skills.that is why the parents should care about their children during the childhood and adulthood,also.the other reason that makes children upset and nervous is the constant quarrels between parents,which leads to divorce.this latter doesn`t only concern parents but also children,because children become the victims of this ridiculous social situation.they don`t know with which of their parents they may live or which one of them wants his or her children to be with.in the most cases,divorce means splitting up a family into three parts rather than two,and that happens with the existence of children.when the base breaks down the whole building ruins.this is what happens with the families in the sense that the parents are the base and the children are the building.for instance,when a house is built on a soft and weak base it absolutely knocks down,but if you want to maintain that building safe the base should be rough and solid.one of the fundamental reasons which drives the parents to behave badly towards their children is illiteracy.in every society or group of people lies a certain number of illiterate individuals whom knowledge is not adequate to deal with life.we can liken illiteracy to a terroristic group that keeps attacking soldiers until they put down their weapons and taken as hostages to that group.this is how parents do with their children when they feel they are not able to manipulate them any more.accordingly,the children lose the balance of their lives and no more listen to their parents.
Having mentioned the main reasons which destabilize the relation between children and parents I would like now to draw your attention to the possible concequences concerning this issue.after this,the child feels a deep isolation by parents and society.he is lost and no more looking at the bright side of life.in addition,nobody could afford himself to help him or at least show him the right path.recently,most radio stations and tv channels reported some horrible facts about what happen to children who are homeless.one of those facts states that the children who have so painful family problems and run away from their homes are sexually abused,whether by adults or by each other.because there is no one could stand by them and protect them from the bad boys.another concequence resulted from the reasons we have discussed before is concerned with drugs.doutless,thousands of children nowadays take drugs and become therefore addicted to them.this is actually caused by the lack of communication and care from both parents and governments.it is the parents` fault not having taught their children how to avoid taboos and harmful things like drugs and so on.and it is also government`s fault for not spreading the awareness across the country and handcuffing drug dealers and put them in the jail so that children can not find drugs.the two mentioned concequences give birth of the most dangerous concequence,which is crimes.it is normally that the confedence makes a man think logically about what he does.but when a man loses his confedence and dreams he loses the control of his life and think only of the distructive things.the same thing with the child who loses his family`s care and trust and is completely neglected by society.so,without these sources,family and society,a child can not find a way out to live and survive if he doesn`t steal things from others or commit a crime for money or whatever he needs.
All in all,children should be respected and given a good care by their families and societies.they are like the seeds which are planted into a fertilized earth to give such a long trees with fresh fruits.if parents educate their children well enough they will be more successful in their life and the world will be full of joy and non-problematic persons.as the wise proverb says`as you sow so as you reap`.

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