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Pretend Azmi Bishara Is a Syrian Citizen

khalaf Ali Alkhalaf ı
2008 / 8 / 5

I never concealed my admiration of Azmi Bishara’s fluency when he ıtalks about Israel, unmasking it in public, and using the Arabic language ıtoo, especially that I don’t know any other languages to understand what ıhe says in Hebrew, under the Israeli Keenest or even the German ılanguage which Azmi Bishara is very good at. ı
Despite this admiration, whenever I see Azmi Bishara with his confident ıface and sedated words, I feel a psychological stomachache, sever ıschizophrenia and "unknown" psychological diseases which I never read ıabout in the books of Freud "the Jew". Whenever I hear or saw him on a ısatellite or ground channel, I curse my failure and the complicated ıcircumstances around me, and I feel a great disappointment. I may not ıexaggerating when I say that I become malicious and malcontent of my ıpersonal conditions, my place of birth, and my home, because they are ıthe main reasons that I could not become a great struggler “which is the ıcharacteristic preceding the name of Azmi Bishara in the Arab mass ımedia”. I do not think that this is due to the lack of my struggling ıabilities, or lack in eloquence and delivering speeches, since I was a ıı“pioneer” in the school level, and the neighboring schools, when Al-ıBaath Pioneers Organization “the revolutionary” hold competitions in ıeloquence, in the Elementary stage. This means I began my struggle ıahead of Azmi Bishara who began his struggle when he was in his ısecondary school. ı
The second problem, which is more grievous is that, when I hear Azmi ıBishara, I become to more admire the Zionist entity “as we was taught in ıthe Arabic national studies at schools and universities” our mortal enemy, ıand this is a dangerous matter in my opinion, which may be called ıpsychological gargling. I might not be disclosing a secret when I say that ıinsinuations and hallucination (May Allah protect you from) urge me ısometimes to say, that if I was an Israeli citizen, I would have become a ıstruggler easly. This, as you see, is referring to my personal failure, to ıgeneral reasons out of my hand. Let us be logic and discuss the matter ıseriously away from my swollen ego (according to the translated English ıexpression). Therefore, I will accept your consultation and your judgment ıin modifying my struggling course if it became clear that the failure was ıdue to me personally, not to my conditions which I curse at day and night. ı

What if Azmi Bishara was a Syrian citizen, and a member of Syrian ıPeople of Assembly? This "what if" which opens the route before devil ıı(Allah forbids) applies to all Arab countries which enjoy elected ıassemblies (or to be more precise, elected by the authorities), but I took ıSyria as an example for reasons. Firstly, it is my country and the place ıwhich witnessed my first struggling failure, and Secondly, because I ıknow the consequences of the matter. ı
We will not think about unimportant nominal matter which is the ıimpossibility for Azmi Bishara to have a seat as a free thinker and ıstruggler in this Assembly. Let us compare some simple struggling ımatters only, and we will get away from grievous matters such as Azmi ıBishara, the Syrian MP meets the Israeli President publicly and on TVs ıwhile we are at war with Israel. Not only that, but he discloses this ımeeting after all. ı
We will not mention normalization holocaust which affected Arab ıthinkers and writers who met Israeli thinkers and writers on the occasion ıof international conferences and called for fair peace that includes ırecognizing Israel. Azmi Bishara, for sure, knows how Ersan’s Union ıexpelled Adonis from the union because Ersan was sure of the existence ıof Israelis in the conference attended by Adonis. ı
I recall one of the appearances of Azmi Bishara (this was not long time ıago) on the Syrian Satellite Channel when they phoned him in Israel (I do ınot know how) but he was not on the phone. So, they sent a message for ıhim on the moving news bar in the channel and some who was watching ıthe Syrian channel told him (in Israel) about the matter, and then he came ıat once. How terrible! This is a public contact with an enemy state. Let us ıimagine that one of the enemies of Azmi Bishara who became a Syrian ıMP wanted to punish him and asked somehow the Israeli broadcasting to ıbroadcast the song of Um Kulthum "Take me to your affection" claiming ıthat the song is a present from him i.e. Azmi Bishara to our struggling ıpeople in Galil and not to Sharon and the matter became known to the ıSyrian intelligence. At this point we do not need to imagine, and you ıhave to read what the Syrian prisoners wrote about this matter. ı

Let us expand our imagination and reach the fantasy of Syrian drama ıseries written by Hany Al-Saadi, and directed by Nagdat Anzor. Let us ıimagine that the Syrian MP Azmi Bishara announced (not on Israeli TV ıbut on Al-Jazeera Channel) that Syria is not a democratic state and it is ınot for all those who lives in it. If Azmi did not know what will be ıinflicted upon him, I only tell him briefly that: you will be a food for ıbirds and what Allah has destined in a twinkling of an eye. ı
Let the Syrian MP, Azmi Bishara, demands (not through satellite ıchannels watched by millions of people but secretly in Al-Rawda café ıwhere he will spend most of his time as a thinker, that the detainees in the ıSyrian prisons must set free. How terrible! He is blaspheming and you ıdon’t need to imagine this point since the all evidences are known. ı
Imagine the Syrian MP, Azmi Bishara who enjoys immunity, speaking ıunder the doom of the people s assembly (metaphorically speaking as our ıassembly has no doom), not about the demands of equity of Syrian ıopposition, nor about corruption without even naming any corrupt, nor ıabout the right of the Syrian Kurds who are deprived from obtaining ıtheir nationality, but he is speaking about what is the security department ıwhere the Syrian writer Ibrahim Zoro was gone for few days only; and ıeven without demanding to release him or to release the rest of the ıpolitical detainees, and without even inquiring about the reasons they are ıin prison in the first place. Let him announces at the time being free that ıhe is traced for political reasons and the Syrian authorities “after he ıbecame a Syrian" uses judiciary in its political fight with him. He must ıremember that the immunity which Riyad Sief and Mamoun Al-Hamsai ıenjoyed for years while in the prison though they did not demand to ıchange the identity of the state the way he does. ı
I think Azmi will know what will happen to him if he opens his mouth ıwith any of these words as he will suffer a lot, and I feel the necessity to ıadvise him to read the series written by Yassin Al-Haj Saleh about the ıworlds of political detainees to know how to adjust with the situation ıafter he gets out of prison in case he remains alive, and released after ıtwenty years. I am sure that he knows all these as Azmi Bishara ignored, ıeven when he is enjoying Israeli immunity, to refer to Syrian political ıdetainees during his frequent visits to Syria, Arabic Satellite channels or ıhis articles about democracy and human rights; as he does not want to ıspoil his struggling relations with Syrian authorities because of some ıhundred Syrian detainees. Enforcing struggling relations is more ıimportant than these marginal issues. ı
Azmi and other great nationalistic may not comprehend my comparison ıregarding demanding him to release the prisoners and detainees in the ıIsraeli prisons and his ignorance of the Syrian detainees (and the Arab ıdetainees in general at least in the countries he visits and meets its ıleaders) in national prisons and detention camps. Those detainees are in ınational prisons, on national and independent land, supervised by national ıwarden and even most of torture instruments are national innovations. ı
You may recall for example the attitude of Azmi Bishara under the dome ıof the Keenest defending the right of Hezbollah to resist occupation, and ıyou may imagine him while a Syrian MP demanding the right of legal ıexistence not only for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (which has a ısuspicious start and black history according to a three volume books ıpublished by Al-Baath Party) as this is a grievous issue which may cause ıAbdul Qader Qadura to suffer an immediate clot and may even cause all ıMPs including the independents to clot; nay, the right of legal existence ıwill be claimed for the People s Democratic Party (as an example) of ıleftiest secular tendency, whose members are always imprisoned because ıthey are members of an underground organization aiming at overthrow ıthe regime and opposing the slogans of communist revolution. ı
The comparison is lengthy and it is meant only to justify my struggle ıfailure and persuade myself that if I was in a state like Israel I would have ıeasily become a struggler without my mother dying wanting direly to see ıme or even spend half of my age in prison, or my bones become broken. ıThe Arab struggling writers will rush to join Azmi Bishara, the national ıstruggler, in the face of the aggressive attack of the Zionist departments ıagainst an Israeli MP and whichever the case that these departments will ıfabricate, this fabrication aims surely to affect the resistance of our people ıinside the green line "the Israeli Arabs". As it is said by the mass media, ıthe accusation against Azmi Bishara is still unknown, and it is necessarily ıthe contact with a state enemy to Israel. This accusation which Azmi ıBishara acquitted from it only with a notice from the Israeli jurisdiction ıcounselor; while at the same time some educated persons are still in the ıSyrian prisoners because they only visited America which we are not in ıthe state of war with, and is not an enemy state, rather the Syrian officials ıwish to visit it and someone receives them. ı
Allow me, Azmi Bishara, you and the Arab writers not to unite with you ıwhatever the fabricated case is, because you never united with any ıdetainee in my country, but this does not prevent me from admitting that ıyou are always welcome in my country in case you decided to stay out of ıIsrael as some predictions claim. As you know, you are always welcomed ıfrom our hospitable people as well its regime (and the opposition too) and ıour country s authorities may grant you the Syrian nationality ıimmediately (overstepping the national decisions) as well as a ımembership in the new people s assembly. On this stage, I will ıbe ıawaiting to hear about your “struggle”. ı

Translated by Nuha Hanifa

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