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The Syrian crisis and the technical solution - (Statement draft of technical solution of the Syrian crisis)

Anas Nader
2020 / 7 / 25

The Syrian crisis and the technical solution

(Statement draft of technical solution of the Syrian crisis)

What does it mean to have a technical solution to one of the biggest human crisis in the modern era, full of pain, sorrows, torments and moral collapses, Is it correct to deal technically and in a materialistic maner with all those miserable human sentiments?
What is meant by the technical political solution in Syria is for all parties to realistically agree on the principle of materialistic and benefitial neutrality in their vision of salvation from the current foggy situation regardless of its affiliation and political passion, either supporting the government authority´-or-its oppositions, and this to be done under the auspices of a third technical-oriented team that does not owe allegiance to the existing regime´-or-oppositions , within the principle and technical vision of solving the crisis, and this technical and materialistic intellectual approach based on the facts on the ground and falls on all political ideological issues including regional alliances of the opposition´-or-the regime, and the unification of the -dir-ect goal towards the Syrian interests freed from ideologies and alliances, There will be no considerations for any political approach such as conspiracy theories, resistance attitude, religious slogans and demanding an external military resolve and begging for external powers to interfere in the national affairs. and looking carefully and deeply for the profound social, cultural and historical reasons for the transformations of the conflict.
actually it is not possible to continue planning for a new future From a period that passed and went away with all its political and historical environmental incubators, and within a security mentality´-or-ideologies designed on the scale of the middle of the last century in the form of liberal romantic movements as a result of a taste of freedom after a crisis of a full history since the fall of the islamic powerful culture and the collapse of its civilization, the region is practically under the control of an alien force that succeeded in controlling the peoples of the region and imposed its control Since the sagging Abbasid era, from the Seljuks, the Zangids, the Mamluk Turks, Circassians and the Ottomans, then the western powers came after the World War and continued until 1946 in syrian case, and then the throes of freedom that generated their slogans from the womb of the pain of that historical period and the nature of the crises and calamities of its peoples and countries, and since 1946 until 1970, nearly 24 years, Syria was, for the first time, ruled by its citizens until the arrival of President Hafez al-Assad, whose family and political regime continued until this moment through his son, the current president who followed him in power, Bashar al-Assad, meaning that the Assad family ruled Syria until now for Fifty years, that is, more than twice the independent history of Syria since the demise of the Abbasid state until now, and therefore the Syrian crisis is not only a crisis of political authority, but rather a crisis of history and the loss of a cultural identity Historically, intellectual, ideological, and political rigidity in the contemporary.
and even the political nature of Syria after independence was characterized by chaos and patriotic dream that led to alienation from Western countries the capitalist and pragmatic, so alternatively the region was thought The revolutionary socialist represented by the socialist camp facing the capitalist power, and this led to the reproduction of Stalin the strict man with leading personality on most of the Arab countries in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, and others.
Unfortunately, these cumulative crises appeared in the peoples of the region in a zero phase in time and civilization, where it was no longer possible to match with The economic and political openness of the world, and the continuation of this obscurantist approach to governments that tyrannized their peoples as a result of the almost total civilizational absence and cultural production, other than singing the glories of a past history that authoritarian governments used as a true and dogmatic heritage for the people by investing these beliefs as permanent sacred that cannot be compromised and resisted, and therefore there is no issue that surpasses these postulates, which led to the oppression of tyranny and intellectual and political rigidity.
Within this vision, a new history for the region must be underlined, and it is much better for this history to plan for its people and not the political beneficiaries. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to be free from the conditions of the past and intellectual emancipation from all issues.
Technical thought is a practical orientation and awareness of crises which needs the necessary courage to face the truth and recognize the mistakes.
The technical solution is not only concerned with solving the political crisis, but rather falls on a stage of establishment that raises the matter of citizenship, identity and the exclusive Syrian interest, and this does not mean abandoning The crucial issues of the region, but to achieve the great issues it is necessary to obtain a conscious generation have a national and cultural foundation so that thay can be able to face all kinds of crises, civilizational and economic fluctuations.
Therefore, the road map of the technical committee contains clear and practical steps away from prevarication and bidding, and it must be clear within the map.

The importance of the technical vision of the solution and the urgent needs to it, is the absolute conviction that the current political system and the political and military opposition are both political bodies that are not qualified to lead the Syrian state, after more than nine years of horrific war that led to the state’s failure completely And the displacement of its people, and if the political system and its opposition deny that they hold themselves accountable, then at least step aside and give the opportunity for new blood to pump life in this afflicted country, with the possibility of opening up to everyone, and accepting the technical capabilities of any body affiliated with´-or-opposing the existing political system. Consequently, salvation comes from the political and patriotic rivalry and negotiation that the two sides exaggerate on the one hand, and saves face as an intermediate pretext to withdraw from the parties ’predicament on the other hand, because the current regime is awash with its economic crisis and its political dependence that tore up its ranks, and the opposition is lost without the presence´-or-any recognition of any political forces´-or-even popular.
All the destruction, displacement, and displacement that took place in this country could not change a single word from the ruling regime s speech, just as the opposition did not produce any real thought´-or-objective proposition to get out of this tragedy´-or-even political thought that carries the concerns of all Syrians until this moment, and it was as a shadow force for the existing tyranny and a true partner with non-national options that emptied the state of its citizens and brought in a foreign alternative with ambitions not It ends, while the real, educated and conscious young syrians who spontaneously came out to establish a new political future, they spent their lives in prison Detention and forced displacement,´-or-under the harsh conditions of bitter reality.
We do not pretend that there is a project that is free from the sins and pitfalls of this bleak and painful journey, because what happened in Syria is a boom that may take place once in the history of every country, and no one is above the fate, destiny, and bitter reality of a very complicated and distressed reality.
The technical solution means selecting a third party from the national personalities, behaviorally and intellectually, as a national body capable of surpassing the wounds and offering technical solutions that are high from the bids and incurring a responsibility to get rid of the national bidding, and stressing towards the national and technical work, innocent of the weight of history’s traps on the shoulders of peoples, and carrying the thought The technical vision is far from slogans, partisanships, and impractical references, and all parties sit under the auspices of a technical body as a third party, and their acceptance to sit at the same table without preconditions and taking into consideration deeply that both parties do not represent The Syrian people are realistic, and all lineups are utilitarian and fundamentalist rallies that are not concerned with national interests, and the Syrians internally and externally are the only ones who pay the bill for this national slack.

Not to look at the personalities of the existing authority and the opposition and their symbols as parties that destroyed the country in order to struggle for power, but rather to consider them with a practical and materialistically as two failed experiences and an alternative political body must be held for them, and therefore neither of them holds legal accountability for the failure of his experience in exchange for accepting a national technical solution that satisfies all The parties serve the Syrian public national interest.


The announcement of a statement that adopts the technical current and is free from all agendas, alliances, ideological and political ideologies, and full affiliation with a practical Syrian national solution, free from the sins of history and its crises, and from slogans and partisans nationally owed, stressing towards the practical realism of the political solution, and establishing a civil state based on citizenship and liberated from All ethnicities, races, and sects, taking the middle technical trend away from the rivalries of the political forces fighting for power from a regime and opposing and keeping one distance from everyone.

The selection of a technical national body with Syrian national efforts and international Arab support from countries affected by the chaos and the Syrian political crisis,´-or-those not benefiting from it.

The technical body consists of a council of wise men who certify that it is not part of Syria’s political future, but rather a technical committee that seeks to form a non-consensual technical political class and from all sides to overwhelm the discourse and thought of the existing authority and the object opposing it, and its members can later occupy administrative positions In the state and non-political.

The most important objectives of the technical committee are to obtain the formation of a technical military council that includes the various denominations and affiliation of the middle and moderate generals to preserve state institutions and implement the outputs of the technical body to reach a technical civil council from all groups of the people that will serve as an interim government that includes competencies from all walks of life.

One of the most important technical and materialistic constants that the technical body overlooks its constants is the Syrian identity, which is capable of eliminating all racial, ethnic and sectarian affiliations without it, and focusing on the -dir-ect interest of its bearers.

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