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Tarek Musleh
2018 / 2 / 19

An Epic on
The Jewish Faith Manipulators

Prof. Tarek Musleh

Just read the Old Testament to deny
Jews God, prophets, angels and every lie.
Perhaps it s the most boring and dumb book:
Lengthy, faulty with a na´ve outlook.
It s oral transmission of --dir--ty minds,
Filed always by bent scribes of the worst kinds. (Jeremiah 8.8)
The Lord is narrow-minded and childlike,
Obsessed with power like the German Reich.
He s made jealous to fear humans ill will,
To wax immortal and vie with God s skill! (Genesis 3.22-24)
He is obsessed with gifts and offering,
And crowns His sickness with self-flattering!
He s the production of human clothing,
Flavored with evil, vengeance and loathing!
He feels lofty when destroying non-Jews,
And stirs the sadism of his yahoos! (Deut. 7.1-6)
He s racist and endorses piracy, (Deut. 7.16)
Which has become His people s legacy. (Deut. 7.6-8)
He grants inhabited lands like a thief,
And feels brutal at other nations grief.
He forces his twee Jews to love him purely,
Otherwise He will scalp offspring surely. (Exodus 20.5-7)
He threatens if commands aren t fully met,
He ll trap the naughty without an outlet!
He ll force them to eat the flesh of children, (Lev. 26.29)
And alarms the worst life for the stubborn! (Lev. 26.30-39)
He s a jealous god and bears no rival, (Exodus 20.5)
And feels tense at ancient gods revival! (Exodus. 22.20 & Numbers 25.1-4)
He asserts slavery as natural,
And bids penance laws which are liberal! (Exodus 21.20
If slaves are beaten with a rod and die,
God sets punishment but won t specify ! (Exodus 21.20)
Freedom is gained through smashing teeth┤-or-eyes! (Exodus 21.26-7)
This is the lax justice, which has no ties!
He denies human nature which may fly ,
If there aren t daft laws with which to comply!
If compared with Stalin He won t fare well,
For we must be pure ┤-or-we go to hell!
No purity of soul no matter what,
The psyche is unchaste, not a robot.
Vanity is part of human nature,
Despite the chains of the legislature.
But in line with creed, the Lord s icons failed,
And breached Commandments but weren t even jailed.
They imposed their principles on others,
While they were flirting with holy mothers .
How could Abraham his own sister wed! (Genesis 20.12)
Then prostitute her to Pharaoh s soft bed! (Genesis 12.14-16 &13.1-2)
The wealth blinded the father of prophets,
Whose pragmatic build was linked to profits!
The Lord was angry with the monarch s act,
But let him lightly for the fattish pact!
God loved to test Abraham s idiocy,
And to assert His childish jealousy!
What god would toy with prophet to slay son! (Genesis 22.1-10)
What cruel father would try to kill for fun!
Isaac s foolishness drove him to be meek,
Submitting to the vile whim of the freak!
It s to prove that blind faith is the real test,
Which is dearer than any other quest!
How could Lot screw his daughters while a! (Genesis 19.33-36)
And a great prophet s offspring be so cheap!
Could the ancient wreckage get erection?
Though he was close to the Resurrection!
The older cunt drugged fast dad s purism ,
Who magically deflowered her bosom!
Next day her sister renewed the process,
Daddy s cock obliged her with more progress!
Perhaps they foresaw Freudian sexual views!
But didn t like to offend their ideal Jews!
God must have blessed this incestuous --union--,
Whose offspring had a holy comm--union--! (Genesis 19.37-38)
How could Jacob be highly deceitful!
Against dad and kin to be the Jews Bull ? (Genesis 27. 19-35)
It s wry that Jacob s name means deception, (Genesis 27.36)
Then Israel for a wide reception! (Genesis 32.28)
He built the Jewish type for being cheeky,
And, despite staunch masks, it s still quite freaky!
One heading is Jacob wrestles with God ! (Genesis 32.22)
But it is vague who made the other cod !
If His Might was lowered to fight a man,
His Brain needed psychiatrists to scan.
Judas stuffed a prostitute but didn t know, (Genesis 38.15-18)
It was daughter-in-law who was below!
When he learnt who she was, he held his breath!
And instructed that she be burnt to death. (Genesis 38.24)
On perceiving he was part of the game, (Lev. 20.12)
He set her free and lived in fucking shame. (Genesis 38.24-26)
David, the Star, was on his roof spying,
On bathing women while cock was sighing.
The astronomer was fond of black holes ,
Whose magnetism scoffed pricks and strayed souls.
The sniper neatly aimed and shot promptly!
But got his fair mistress pregnant swiftly. (2 Samuel 11.2-5)
He killed her innocent spouse for a whore, (2 Samuel 11.16-17)
And married Pussy breaking every law. (2 Samuel 11.27)
He was also lucky with his children,
In sex and reign, each was a great patron.
One raped sister, one rebelled against dad, (2 Samuel 13.11-14 & 15.14)
Heart nearly froze, and cock was almost mad.
Absalom lay with father s concubines,
And proved gaily he surpassed all the swines.
This was publicly displayed on his roof,
People saw the wonders of the crook s proof . (2 Samuel 16.20)
David and adulteress were --restore--d,
When they perceived how in one son they scored.
Their --union-- produced the great libertine,
Who planted lust in blood like nicotine!
King Solomon had seven hundred wives,
While the hornet was breeding in his hives.
Three hundred were added of slave women,
And concubines of the best specimen. (1 King 11.3)
This was perhaps the world s largest brothel,
How he stuffed them all was the great puzzle!
God must have lent him His own tool of steel,
Which He kept for saints for the real ordeal !
Despite his rank, his wives led him astray, (1 King 11.2-6)
And made him with other deities play.
He built these gods temples to be worshipped, (1 King 11.4-8)
In which the womanizer sometimes slipped!
God was furious with His sex maniac,
Whose great record reduced being demoniac!
He partly forgave him for his dad s sake,
Who was pure, chaste, perfect and wasn t as fake! (1 king 11. 9-13)
Solomon was truly the very best,
Among the Jews, for he grasped life real quest.
He devoted his strength to desire,
And his prick was always prompt to fire.
Perhaps he didn t in religion believe,
While floating on the cunts and tits of Eve.
He spread paintings of female genitals,
To please his eyes with the best spectacles!
Samson screwed a whore to ease frustration, (Judges 16.1)
And to achieve spiritual purgation.
The cunt happened to be from Gaza Strip,
As if God made poor Gazans for hardship!
This made him the hero of fairy tales,
To yield childish songs for Jewish Hallels!
To trace the founder of Judaism,
Moses was the great type of fascism.
God must have Hitlerized him to breed his cell,
Which He cooked damn well in His special hell!
He further brutalized Moses through queer clones ,
And infused his veins with evil hormones!
First, the man stirred God to adopt vengeance,
And to plight humans with constant grievance!
It s odd that he was the fruit of incest, (Exodus 6.20)
A trial which he would later detest! (Lev. 18.12)
He was at first one inch below his Lord,
Then made God retire and was adored !
In theory he stressed he was God s slave,
The claim was a license to misbehave!
To start with, he was guarding behavior,
Then careless on becoming the Savior !
Unlike Mohammed who flew to his Lord,
Moses made God descend to meet the fraud!
God crossed all galaxies to meet one ape,
Who sinned, duped, killed and bid his gangs to rape! (Numbers 31.1-18)
He left the universe to live on a hill,
Cooking instructions to suit His chimp s ill will!
Later Moses raised God to being first aide,
And ordered Him to sharpen his foul blade!
The man was a butcher but forgiven!
The poor darling was by anger driven! (Exodus 2.11-13)
He also murdered men for great reasons,
Wasn t work on Sabbaths one of high treasons? (Exodus 31.14-15)
To insult God┤-or-parents entails death, (Lev. 24. 13-16 & Exodus 21.17)
Moses would come when choking any breath!
He may ve dreamt of fucking at least one beast,
And lashed others who had their cocks released!
Those who risk their pricks inside brutes should die, (Exodus 22.19)
Instead, they may wank and try to dream high!
Women who are caught mating with monkeys,
Should have full fucks until death by donkeys!
If whores enjoy it and invoke their vice ,
They should be blessed, then burnt as sacrifice!
Adultery is honored by soft death! (Lev. 20.10)
Gayness is tipped by freeing --dir--ty breath! (Lev. 20.13)
Those who touch Mount Sinai must harshly die, (Exodus 19.12-13)
Moses alone can see God in the sky! (Exodus 24.2)
Wicked beasts that dare step on fuck-me Mount,
May be shot with arrows as a discount! (Exodus 19.13)
Sex with foreigners pollutes Jewish blood!
Lovers heads should be knocked with a hard thud!
Moses spared sexual fancy for killing,
The sight of genocide was most thrilling!
Indeed, he crushed women and kids quickly, (Numbers 31.17)
Since they belonged to other creeds sickly!
Clearly the lion must have killed all men,
Including prisoners of war in his den.
The claim was some women seduced pure Jews,
Who left their cryptic God for dazzling screws!
In truth, both cocks and cunts doubted their faith,
And preferred love to praising a sick wraith!
It s more likely that males seduced new whores,
And fed their sex appetites with nice scores!
Moses had Dark Comm--union-- while away,
God came, and asked him the natives to slay. (Numbers 31.2-18
All boys and polluted pieces were killed,
The sexy scene made Moses penis thrilled! (Numbers 13.17)
He robbed the Midianites of everything,
Except virgin s cunts for the Jews to sting! (Numbers 31.18)
Thirty-two thousand pussies were defiled,
And into bondage land they were exiled! (Numbers 31.18 & 31.35)
Moses checked himself that virgins were true,
And tipped the one who gave him the best screw!
At least a hundred thousand souls were slayed,
In cold blood: all great values were betrayed!
The boss of thieves assigned the fat plunder , (Numbers 31.25-54)
Which caused the sky rage, lightning, and thunder!
He and his assistants took the Lord s share,
Beasts, slaves and gold were under his strict care! (Numbers 31.32-54)
Aren t these fell crimes against humanity,
Which proves his monstrous insanity?
The idol framed the laws of the Jews state:
Landowners should die┤-or-evacuate! (Deut. 7.1-4)
Where would they go to confront their blithe plights,
Was not part of Israel s human rights!
If Moses was the prophet of the Jews,
What god would be the lord of all Yahoos!
God promptly became Commander of wars,
And Mosecised his heirs to show their Jaws! (Joshua 8.1-2)
A city was crushed and set on fire, (Joshua 8.8 & 8.19-27)
The king was hung by the vile vampire! (Joshua 8.28-29)
God himself bids gangs to burn a city!
Joshua gladly does it without pity! (Joshua 8.8)
God shows His mercy to kids and infants,
By seducing his most devout serpents:
Happy who seizes the tots of my foes,
And strikes them against rocks with the best blows. (Psalm 136.8-9)
Many lands were devoured the same way,
Israel was built on others Doomsday.
Could the Lord be that sick and vindictive,
Against non-Jews, without being objective!
Could He be that trivial about details,
To glorify idols in size and scales?
He must have Ph.D. in art structure--;--
For building shuls , He gave the best lecture! (Exodus 26.1-37)
Should His Might be fed with sacrifices,
And gifts to pay for human vices ?
He insists on healthy, lush and male beasts, (Lev. 1.1-17)
He s the best expert in designing feasts!
He must be queer to make Hebrews chosen,
Which is a riddle that makes hearts frozen!
According to their standards they have swayed
From their own ideals which they often slayed .
Many times they sinned on their Lord s behalf,
And once replaced him with the golden calf! (Deut. 9.16)
They re defamed as stiff necked and rebellious,
Bent, evil, prophet s killers and devious. (Deut. 31.27-29 & 32. 5-21) (1 Kings 19.10)
Hurting fakes was one of their greatest feats,
It wasn t hard even for fools to spot cheats!
There is nothing innately wrong with Jews,
Their vileness stems from their creed s racist views.
It was their icons who cooked miracles,
And used foul imposters as oracles.
They designed a magical factory,
To make gods and boost their phylactery!
They stated that nothing moved by itself,
Their Sadist should always be on the shelf!
He is unlike anything that we know,
Timeless, placeless, and none stepped on His toe.
The notion of God is more effective,
Than C. I. A. s and every detective.
It is shocking how people sell their mind,
And trust imposters and be wholly blind!
Jews of normal intelligence should scold,
Na´ve faith, which never had one stronghold.
It s worse when informed Westerners believe,
Without so-called miracles to perceive.
Science denies every biblical story,
Of planets, skies, and signs of God s glory.
Earth and universe made at the same time! (Exodus 20.11)
The billions of years between them don t rime.
The planet was not yet ready for life,
How could Adam live on flames with his wife!
Light made before the creation of stars! (Genesis 1.3 & 1.16)
What a dumb theory, which is full of scars.
Seasons and years were made before the sun!
Is this a god┤-or-a child having fun!
No human fossils recorded sad tears,
Crossing the dull life of nine hundred years. (Genesis 9.29)
The Flood of Noah couldn t be testified,
By scientists who fiercely verified.
Symbolic interpretations would show,
Their modern thinking power was so low.
It s economy that holds Jews strongly,
But they stick to their religion wrongly.
A file of folly, bloodshed and fucking,
And they trained people to be blood-sucking!
* * *
Things for Jews turned upside down gradually,
And they became weak and bleak virtually.
One Jewish tribe was living in some peace,
But the new gods decreed it had to cease.
It was invaded for it didn t keep pledge ,
But no one predicted it was the edge.
All the male prisoners were ruthlessly killed,
And those who opposed were brutally grilled
The properties of the tribe were taken,
But the conscience of warriors wasn t shaken.
The children became slaves┤-or-androgynes,
And the women were raped as concubines.
There was a tribe that vanished in the past,
Just like human future, which could not last?
This was vile piracy on a large scale,
To assert the fittest and drown the frail.
The monsters were to masters ungrateful,
Who taught them to excel in being fateful!
The vile robots turned against their makers,
The imposters were the best law breakers,
They became the Lords of terrorism,
The models for their tails barbarism.
* * *
Had the Jews the power to reverse roles,
They would probably have caused deeper holes!
Indeed, Zionists were resolved to found,
A home for oppressed Jews as a first round,
The British rushed to offer others land,
To save Jews and claim Lionhearted stand.
Balfour Declaration disgraced the Rose,
And made the English fuck through their long nose!
The moral scale jumped to its lowest rank,
This made people numb and unfit to wank!
Both have foul history in Palestine,
Where the shame of Judaism would shine.
Ideology is the magic drug--;--
Abusing power proves it s pure humbug.
The gangs did the noble work willingly,
And defiled human record thrillingly.
Many massacres shined over history,
How humans shame themselves is a mystery!
Genocide was pulled off on a large scale,
The poor natives could only shout and wail!
Hollywood was grateful for a breakthrough!
In horror tales, it was the greatest coup!
Israel stands as a nice example,
Of power corrupts and the worst sample.
The Holocaust is always repeated,
And human codes are constantly cheated.
The victims become foul victimizers,
The raped like to be vile equalizers.
The vicious circle turns against them all,
None will give up national pride and crawl!
Each has --dir--ty books and claims to protect,
All vow to make their cocks fully erect.
Cheer, we re heading for human destruction!
Alas, no hope of nutty construction!
* * *
What God would help create the Jewish state!
And make Palestinians confront hard fate!
Are the Ben Gurions the Lord s production?
Or His human devils for destruction?
The Gray House rushed to wipe Israel arse,
A gesture of white will for the drowned class!
The poor West feels blamed for the Holocaust ,
What the grand Nazi Jews do, is endorsed!
The election test card is Israel,
Runners race on the road of betrayal !
Americans sweat to help aggression,
They re drilled to feel it s their blessed profession!
My dear Premierised Yahoos of the Jews:
Kill and burn, the U. iS. under your shoes!
* * *
"The bond between us is unbreakable!
The convenient marriage unshakable!
We re fated to be two asses in briefs,
As we ve been able to be the world s chiefs!
Israel s legitimacy is firm,
Which is glued and soldered by my own sperm.
This is my commitment which cannot change,
Unless seeds will opt for another range!
I d like to force a policy breakthrough,
Which makes Americans proud of this coup--;--
We should clone a creative breed of men,
Who d kiss Zionists ass and shout: Amen!
It s wry the Turks debased Zionism,
And classed it with anti-humanism!
Others stigmatized it with Nazism,
And ignored its real scope of rightism !
I ve sent the state secretary to complain,
And remind friends of how Jews are humane.
The Turks were mad about the Armenian case,
Which we tried to dodge without losing face"
* * *
Senators stood in awe for each statement,
Rubbing their privates without abatement!
Their faces were marked by thrilled but squeezed smiles,
Which clearly showed they were suffering from piles !
The impotent almost came out of joy,
For their leader s reelection veiled ploy!
* * *
It s queer the Yankee chief is paralyzed,
For four years and constantly penalized,
To dance on Israeli cocks and claim,
That he s pleased with the Machiavellian game.
It s worse when the boss continues this farce,
For another term letting pricks pierce arse!
The childish dreams of one man maim the States,
And drive him to see his pledges as baits!
* * *
"Mr. President, congratulations,
Your presence ensures the best relations.
We should work together to advance peace,
Sound negotiations should never cease!
What s twenty years in the life of nations,
If at last they lead to state formations!
It s not negotiations for nothing,
If they lead to the greatest Arab spring !
Palestinians want to jump to statehood,
We should restrain their ego and falsehood.
If they reach the Security Council,
Aids stop--;-- we ll use all ways of reprisal.
The American veto must be used,
The Arabs have every right to be amused!
European poodles will follow suit,
They are pragmatic, well trained and acute.
They ll spare you using the veto ably,
They ve been kind friends of Israel stably!
At least Britain and some tails will abstain,
To wash their past guilt from the Jewish disdain.
This also counters the pygmies rudeness,
And teaches them to contain their vileness!
If foes opt for terrorism and war,
Negotiations ghosts will be the score!
We ll fight until the last Yankee soldier,
History will state you are the best partner!
Some speak of Israel as the spoilt child,
These are jealous foes who should be defiled!
We have the only true democracy,
Arabs are enslaved by stratocracy.
If we declare the greatest Jewish state,
That doesn t set for our Arabs the bait!
Judaism is the most glorious creed,
Which spreads the tolerance of God s best breed.
We are forced sometimes to use violence,
To defend land and achieve excellence.
We re the true inheritors of Moses,
The whole world should know we could spread blazes!
Some folks accuse us of occupation,
Actually, it is real liberation!
This is the land of our ancestors,
Fair history should convince all protesters.
We were uprooted from our homeland,
And spread worldwide, and viewed as second hand.
Invaders threw us to the holocaust,
And we were helpless and fully deforced.
Rich Arabs have huge areas of desert,
They should help their kinsfolk to gain comfort!
Jordan would be the brief substitution,
To ease Palestinians destitution!
Yes, Mr. President, we care for them!
It s only their excess that we condemn!"
* * *
Merchants of Venice, sharpen your foul knives,
To bloat porky children and beefy wives.
The Gazans are especially your tit bit,
The chicks are waiting for your blade and hit!
The cannibals would shiver at this sight,
To kill for pleasure and display Jews might.
The claim was to defeat terrorism !
Was not this caused by your barbarism?
Isn t seizing others lands plain thievery?
Hasn t your blockade been worse than slavery?
You ve spurned the idea of the two states!
And plan to set the natives constant bates!
The secular state is also denied,
And human rights have never been applied!
If you go on judaising the land,
You ll find yourselves more living on quicksand!
How could you impose your hat on guests head,
And shame them to cry for your dead past dread!
Enough is enough of holocaust use,
The pretexts of your bloated gods shocked Zeus!
Can t you see most Palestinians were Jews?
Who were Islamized through brainwashing screws!
Their color is tightly dyed with their land,
Whereas your skin is stained with foreign brand!
The Palestinian earth speaks Arabic,
Your claim is dumb, absurd and anarchic!
Go back home while at the prime of your youth,
Leave dumb elders to pay for their false truth.
The important thing is to live as free,
Wherever you can fuck without a fee !
The soil itself is rejecting your smell,
Your foes will at last trap you into hell!
They may now be outworn and helpless cocks!
But running water drops erode hard rocks!
Haven t you made yourselves ringed by enemies,
And shaped all Arabs as time bomb armies!
Israel s record is burdened with shame,
Terror, corruption, and crimes of no name!
The base of this evil is Judaism,
In which God trains subjects in sadism!
If the Old Testament is the Creeds source,
Fuck them all and learn they have spread by force.
Alas, heaps of religions grimly preach,
False miracles and ideals out of reach.
None has seen one thing supernatural,
Believers don t see it s all cultural.
Faith is based on business , safety, and fear!
Worse, they confidently at others jeer.
Fools love to celebrate their idiocy,
And need approval of their fallacy!
Their ass itches hard without knowing why,
And among the dumb they want to score high!
To instruct dolts is just like stifling them,
Bright cunts shrink the sexual flair of the gem!
It s a sacred task to license their wit !
And make their brill genius the art tit bit!
Some priests dig for common grounds to unite,
All creeds to save people from their dogfight.
Deep down each believes that own faith is shined,
And others are damned and to hell confined.
Why not deconstruct religions structure?
And reveal their superstitious picture!
Blast! The West is doing nothing to ease
This hell, and gripped for more power to seize.
It s plagued with anti-Semitism as crime,
Which enforced censorship for the first time.
It s placed the whole world on the defensive,
To doubt holocaust tales is offensive!
The West shields a creed which is barbarian,
And mocks its own laws which are bohemian!
Gay marriage makes fun of all Jewish laws,
Killing sodomites was fab for the boors!
Prostitution is the pride of the West,
Death penalty is Moses greatest quest!
The bible itself is anti-Semitic, (Luke 11.36-52)
The Koran describes Jews as mephitic ! (The Cow: 2.61)
It also views Trinity as a curse,
And the reference to God s son as perverse! (Women 4. 171, Feast 5. 73-2)
What saves in one Creed damns in the other,
You ve a duty to your mind to smother!
Most religions speak ill of other creeds,
And exalt themselves at the cost of weeds !
The Jewish Lord mocks detestable gods , (1 King 11.5-8)
And shoves their asses up with thorny rods!
Self-complacency dominates them all,
Their defense tools are always prompt to crawl!
Is it not all --dir--ty manipulation?
Be yourself without any stipulation!
The world should stay free of dumb restrictions,
Writers may fuck all in their depictions!
All pygmies are raw materials for art,
Who blow themselves, only to grasp they re fart!
People are doomed to commit more folly,
And this makes the world s tycoons quite jolly.
I detest your Creeds, though I may life lose,
And be thrilled to have your fiends under shoes.
Some enjoy stirring up a hornet s nest,
To confuse foul chimps is the supreme quest.
It s real fun, more than sex, to enrage fools!
I feel sorry I don t have sharper tools!
I ll splash with spunk sick beards of deadly creeds,
To clean their vengeful --dir--t and crush all weeds!
And when they suck all over the blest place,
This will boost their spawn with libertines grace!
* * *

Out of the Dilemma

The best stand now is to be resilient,
And if obliged dubiously subservient !
For Israeli cocks infiltrate all,
Whether you resist┤-or-accept to crawl.
The difference is what fuck you desire,
Either smoothly with oil┤-or-with fire.
If the U.S. bosses wipe Jews arses,
Who are you to object to life farces?
Your government is corrupt like the rest,
Each proudly claims to be the very best.
Does it matter the nature of your chief,
Native┤-or-alien is bound to be thief .
Be content as second hand citizens,
Better than in Arab tyrants prisons!
Get what you may of both foes and enjoy,
Try to survive with any trick and ploy.
Fuck all ideologies and have fun,
Maximize every joy under the sun.
Nationalism is the game of the rich,
Religion s the art of beards to bewitch.
Language is just for communication,
But abused by chains of fabrication!
Ethic is a part of prostitution,
Brutal power crowns each constitution!
Pragmatism is the new creed of life,
Rob all thieves with the least possible strife.
Shakespeare defines life as a theatre,
But now a brothel for the predator!
Should you have a choice to be wolf┤-or-lamb!
Choose the king of beasts without being a sham!

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