ترجم الموضوع الى العربية
 ترجم محتوى الصفحة الى الانكليزية باستخدام خدمة كوكول - الموقع غير مسؤول عن الترجمة

A message from the people of slain !

Mohanad Zaki
2016 / 5 / 21

To the European Parliament distinguished
To the UN Security Council
To all who know this country, which was named Iraq
Today am addressing your own conscience which I hope to be still lively....
Today am addressing humanity that I hope to be still Alive ....
I . I belong to the people of being kill him every day ... every hour, every minute and again ... who speaks to you today. Belongs to the people of has narrowed his avenues, I belong to the people of boredom become of him Of supplication .... so do not spill his blood.
I I belong to the people of ... Every day, hundreds of his sons be buried. The ground was filled dead
I m from Iraq, I m from the land of widows, the orphans , the land of the kidnapped, the tortured, I m from the land of the slain.
I m from Iraq, Iraq Are being genocide of his people. appeal to you, to look at the children of Iraq as you to see your children and your wives, to your families.
Today we are the people between migrants and displaced people and kidnapped and slain.
If you are a Sunni All organs of government and Shiite militias linked to Iran looking for you.
That you re a Sunni. You always the accused. You always a terrorist always You do not deserve to live.
that you are a Shiite . you are doomed death by the isis .
If you are a Shia, it is possible to interrupt your head
Today, all the Iraqi people are doomed death and displacement .
Save us the what goes on in Iraq. Iran had taken control everything, and everything is done by order of Iran, the lives In the hands of Iran, sustenance In the hands of Iran. oil In the hands of Iran, the money, the state, the government, even God In the hands of Iran.
This is my speech to you ... after that my people supplication inability to God, hoping to be your consciences still lively. God does not lifted a finger in Iraq.
We do not want but the right to live in our land, in our country, which may watering the blood of our brothers and our fathers
I want you to imagine that your children at the moment of death pulls it from your hands on the hands of someone in the militia. Or. An Islamist just because that you are neither from his doctrine.
Or to see your child torn apart, because of the explosion of a car,´-or-go your wife´-or-your mother. To market. It does not come back, and when it finds you find that specter of death was faster than you
Or father went to brings a food´-or-bread for his family , Moments later . Just find the Parts of bread may narrated by the father through His blood, which scattering of death.
We are a people are paying the price for each hour a betrayal of the government and sell them Iraq to Iran
All the orphan, All the widow, every martyr All the poor All the disabled people pay the price betrayal of the Iraqi government and subordination to Iran.
All the our suffering are caused by religious people and government who have their allegiance is purely Iranian.
Appeal to you to save us of this cancer which is his name Iran.

The Journalist
Mohanad Zaki
Belgium / Brussels

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